Obama Charged With Crimes Against Humanity

According to Egyptian newspaper El Watan,  a group of Egyptian lawyers have submitted a complaint at the International Criminal Court,  charging U.S. president Barrack Hussein Obama with crimes against humanity. 

The complaint charges Obama of being an accessory to the Muslim Brotherhood in inciting  widespread violence in Egypt both before and after the June 30 Revolution in violation of Article 7 of the Statute of the Int’l Criminal Court.

Along with Obama, the complaint reproduced by El Watan mentions several Brotherhood members by name, beginning with the leader of the organization Muhammad Badie, and other top ranking leaders such as Mohamed al-Beltagy, Essam al-Erian, and Safwat Hegazi, adding that “Obama cooperated, incited, and assisted the armed elements of the Muslim Brotherhood in the commission of crimes against humanity in the period from 3/7/2013 to 8/18/2013, in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

According to the complaint, the Muslim Brotherhood leadership tortured, mutilated, raped, and killed Egyptians in their “sit in” camps, and incited violence against peaceful protesters around Itthadiya Palace in December.  Above and beyond the accusations of crimes against humanity that the lawyer-drafted complaint cited by El Watan levels against the Brotherhood, they specifically cited the fate of the Egypt’s Christian minority, who were especially targeted by the Muslim Brotherhood—and thus, by extension, their supporter, Obama.

Average Egyptians have long known and resented Obama’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood, hence the many large placards and signs held during the June 30 Revolution calling on Obama to stop supporting terrorism and calling on Americans to wake up.

The Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters have committed numerous crimes against humanity in Egypt, especially in the context of the Christian Copts; and by its ongoing support for the Brotherhood, the Obama administration is complicit.   Remember this the  next time the Obama administration cites concerns about “human rights” violations as reason to involve the U.S. in war, as he recently tried to do in Syria in an attempt to support even more Islamic terrorists who are committing even worse crimes against humanity.


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