Tyrants Lie!

iranHistory is a great teacher, but not everyone pays attention.

Obama’s inept foreign policy has our allies avoiding us, our enemies laughing at us, and it’s looking more and more like nobody in charge knows what they’re doing.

Appointing John Kerry to be Secretary of State is almost as bad as bringing a known communist into the White House as an advisor or putting Muslims with terrorist connections into prominent positions at Homeland Security.

John Kerry been on the wrong side of every major foreign policy issue for most of his adult life, including Iraq, Nicaragua and most recently in Syria,  routinely engaging in lies to conceal his folly.  What’s worse, Kerry has a clear record of giving aid and comfort to America’s enemies, all the while never missing an opportunity to viciously trash our brave forces fighting against them.

Kerry’s ineptness was apparent in his negotiations with  Iran. His proposal for loosening sanctions in exchange for an Iranian “promise” to freeze their enrichment of uranium was so flimsy that even the French were appalled and demanded that it be strengthened.  But not to worry, later this month,  Obama and Kerry will have another opportunity to blotch foreign policy.

Israel has the most to lose. While Obama promised Netanyahu that  America has their “back” in any Iranian deal, I don’t think Israel would agree.  If Obama has their back [this time] it would be a first.   Any agreement that trusts Iran’s promises and allows it to surreptitiously complete development of nuclear missiles would not only stab Israel in the back  but also put America’s security in further jeopardy.

Memo to Obama:  Tyrants lie!   North Korea promised a former President, the gullible, inept Democrat Jimmy Carter, in 1994 that they would close a nuclear reactor at Yongbyon in exchange for food and humanitarian aid.  Once they got what they wanted, surprise – the reactor was reopened.

Unlike North Korea, Iranian has repeatedly threatened the U.S. and Israel with  their “religious duty” to annihilate us.   During negotiations the Iranian government actually  broadcast a simulated missile attack on Israel.  Common sense should tell you that Iran has no intention of giving up their goal of nuclear weapons.

Kerry, never a true patriot  or friend of Israel, is willing to  sell-out western interest for a promise he and Obama know will not be kept while attempting to blackmail Israel into assisted suicide.    Last month, at a meeting in Rome, Kerry reportedly  threatened Netanyahu  “that if the negotiations (with the Palestinians) fail, Israel can forget about participating in the European research and development program ‘Horizon 2020’.”  Kerry is then quoted as saying, “And that will only be the beginning.”

These negotiations are nothing more than another Obama “game.”   The Daily Beast reported thatObama began softening sanctions on Iran after the election of Iran’s “moderate” new president in June, well before the current round of nuclear talks in Geneva or the historic phone call between the two leaders in September.

Obama has also promised Americans [and we know how often he keeps his word] that if he is allowed to once again bow to terrorists that he will reimposed sanctions if Iran fails to adhere to a deal.   But if previous sanctions and other means, such as the introduction of the Stuxnet virus into Iran’s computers, failed to deter Iran’s nuclear program, why would anyone think additional threats and more sanctions would produce the desired results?

History is a great teacher, but Obama is too busy patting himself on the back to notice.   In “The Guns at Last Light,” Rick Atkinson’s chronicle of World War II, the author recalls President Franklin Roosevelt’s view of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin following their meeting at Yalta in February 1945: “Stalin doesn’t want anything other than security for his country.  He won’t try to annex anything and will work for a world of democracy and peace.”  We know how that turned out!

Winston Churchill similarly misjudged Stalin, writes Atkinson, telling his war cabinet, “Stalin I’m sure means well to the world and Poland. … He will not embark on bad adventures.  I don’t think I’m wrong about Stalin,” whom he had called ‘that great and good man.’  Oops duped again!

Times and dictators change, but human nature remains the same. Roosevelt and Churchill were wrong about Stalin and  Obama is wrong about Iran.

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