Price that MUST be Paid to Preserve Freedom


Dear Friend of Liberty,

Thomas Jefferson once exhorted that, “The price we pay for liberty is eternal vigilance.”

Never in recent history has there been a greater need to remember this truth as we observe the actions of this Administration and its allies in Congress. 

A core understanding of these ideals formerly knew no party lines. It defined us as a nation.

Both John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan could agree that securing the God-given rights of Americans was the central purpose of government, and resisting the central top-down tyranny manifested in the communist/socialist worldview was a virtue. 

In our day, it is abundantly clear that Barack Obama and the Democrats think the primary purpose of the federal government is a “fundamentally transformed” America that our Founders would not recognize, where socialism reigns. It is our duty to ensure future generations experience the same promise and opportunity that we were given.  

For the last five years, Mark Begich has been a virtual rubber stamp for Barack Obama’s left-wing agenda. Now he and Harry Reid have broken with long-standing Senate tradition to shove the president’s radical activist judges down our throats.  

The minority party’s right to filibuster Presidential nominees who lack the qualifications, temperament or respect for the liberties of all Americans, which dates back to the mid-19th century, is no more with regards to most judicial and executives appointments.   

While Mark Begich talks a good game when he’s back in Alaska, we know he does the bidding of his party bosses when he’s in Washington.   

The truth is, according to The Washington Post, he votes with Barack Obama and Harry Reid 91% of the time. So much for independence!  

Just like the junior senator was the 60th and decisive vote to pass an Obamcare law that Alaskans didn’t want, couldn’t afford and clearly doesn’t work, he continues to drag us down the road towards the President’s socialist utopian dream, which history clearly teaches leads to shared scarcity, rather than the shared opportunity to live the American dream.  

When I’m elected to the United States Senate, you won’t have to worry about whether I’ll represent Alaska’s interests or stand up for the constitutional principles that made our nation great. I’ll lead the charge to confront this lawless administration and its liberty stealing agenda.  

But I can’t do it alone. Together, we can roll back Barack Obama’s radical agenda and restore America. Thanks for your friendship and support!  

In the Fight,

Joe Miller



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