A Blanket Hardship Amnesty

02Thank God, for a while Americans were worried, but now, thanks to more Obama tinkering, we know that when Congress passed the Affordable Care Act, aka ObamaCare, it wasn’t a “real law,” only a suggestion.

It doesn’t matter that Obama’s Justice Department  argued before the Supreme Court that the insurance-purchase mandate was not only constitutional but essential to the law’s success, late Thursday, with only 4 days left before the enrollment deadline, Obama decreed that millions of Americans are suddenly exempt if their insurance had been cancelled and new insurance was unaffordable.  These people will qualify for a “hardship exemption” meaning they can’t be penalized.

As many as six million Americans who purchase health coverage on their own have seen their plans cancelled because they don’t comply with ObamaCare regulations suggestions. On the other hand, the bungled rollout of the law’s healthcare.gov website has meant that few  Americans have been able to enroll in new coverage and for those that did, the majority can’t afford it.

Waiving ObamaCare rules suggestions for some citizens and continuing to squeeze the individual economic liberties of others by forcing them to buy what the White House now concedes is an unaffordable product is untenable.   Obama is inviting a blanket hardship amnesty for everyone.

Earlier this month he ordered insurers to backdate policies to compensate for the federal exchange meltdown, and before that HHS declared that it would not enforce for a year the mandates responsible for policy cancellations. And prior to that, the employer mandate for small-businesses was scaled back, along with income verification.

At his Friday press conference, Obama declared these exemptions “don’t go to the core of the law,” but in fact they belong to his larger pattern of suspending the law on his own administrative whim.

He also advised Americans not to be fooled by his playing God with federal law; ObamaCare is working whether we like it or not and if not, we can’t repeal it  because that would be too expensive.

Instead of fretting about whether or not Obama is an American citizen, perhaps we should be more concerned about what planet this man lives on!

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