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The Daily Rant: Conservative Mychal Massie's Hard Hitting Commentary on Race, Obama and Politics

Who is our president?  A mixed-blood, Kenyasian-amalgamation and socialistic adherent of Islamic nonsense, wherein chapters are re-written when they no longer support the idea of the day, as the Koran is often “interpreted?”  It would appear so.

Irony and coincidence never separate themselves clearly to me, but there is a saying among golfers that renders itself well to describing Mr. Obama, which is an acronym called LOIBIP: “Lack of interest, ball in pocket.”  It’s courtesy in amateur golfing and hacker-ranks extended to playing partners so as not to slow up the group or incur further personal insult, though unfortunately in this presidential gig, Mr. Obama issues no such conveyance. It’s just, “Hit the ball, drag Barry.  Hit the ball, drag Barry”, and it’s relentless.

In consideration of the president’s contrived obsession with the game, I’ll bet one of my own golf balls that in reality he is LOIBIP, as evidenced by that ridiculous State of the Union speech last week, sullied further by the absurd, rock-star entrance from the back of the chambers as opposed to entering from a side room at the front and with some dignity. Listening to him wrestling with truth and reality was torturous, not unlike watching Forrest Gump playing a ping-pong match with himself, waffling back and forth, flirting with truth, but never stopping long enough to give it a good kiss while tossing inaccuracies at such a rate as to cause a blur.

Forget us, the casual observer…and the succulent media.  Can’t anyone in Congress state the president doesn’t know what he’s talking about?  He is so pathetically uneducated with respect to a balance sheet, much less so ignorant about the checks and balances provided by our Constitution that he comes across as a man who complains he can’t hear the cello section in a marching band, or someone who would schedule a significant speech at Gallaudet University.  You’re Madonna, Mr. President; you can’t sing, you can’t act, and you can’t dance, an example of which would be your hand-picked shill, Attorney General Holder.  (remember him?  he’s the one investigating himself………..)  With one statute day remaining, Holder decided to seek the death penalty for the slum-dog bomber of the Boston Marathon.  What were you waiting for, Erika?  More proof? ?

Here’s the key to the ongoing puzzle, which really isn’t a puzzle but a nefarious plan aimed purely at distracting everyone’s attention.  The idea, of course is to throw so much whatever at the wall that everyone will lose sight of each transgression to such an extent they cannot remember the last incident.  Homeland Security has amassed an arsenal of two BILLION rounds of ammunition, considered enough to wage a traditional war for 22 years, yet we no longer address that considerable personal threat because it has gotten lost in the myriad of other White House transgressions.

How and why does this plan work?  Well, when is the last time anyone addressed the fact that there are nearly 2000 domestic drones hovering over us with the intent of increasing that number to 17,500 by the year 2020?  How and why, because everyone’s preoccupied with the current junk this administration puts in front of the fan every day, and therein lies the strategy.  If it isn’t an all out assault on personal liberties, it’s a sneak attack and the recording of one’s proclivities as the NSA continues to gather information on us daily.  Maybe I can help them save money:  I drink Budweiser and smoke Marlboro cigarettes.  Now the government can concentrate on my neighbor, who purchases the NHL package on cable in order to watch the players fight.

The reality is that the president has demonstrably lacked a commitment to the war effort in Afghanistan because he’s too committed to waging a war on the liberties of Americans under the euphemism of fairness. Personally, I prefer fascism as a description, but as long as I’m close to the thoughts of former Defense Secretary Gates, my guess is that I’m not too far off the mark.

Today, the IIC (Imbecile in Charge) announced he will unilaterally create a “MyIRA” for retirement saving, a suggestion so woefully lacking in terms of understanding, common sense, tax law, Constitutional restrictions and practicality, it makes one wish we, indeed, had Forrest Gump sitting in the Oval Office.  Moreover, it smacks of the same naivete as one who thought taking over the healthcare industry was a walk in the park.

The underpinnings and internal ratios within that industry as well as the stock market are complex yet understandable, but require decades of study.  However, it requires more than lip service and an absurdly uninformed Congress in order to make changes or improvements.  Let’s play make-believe, for everyone in Washington seems to live there: how many members of Congress, plus Obama, do you think could pass a test on the Constitution?  It’s clear that neither Sheila Jackson Lee nor Nancy Pelosi can read, so the number of this test program is reduced to 534 (that’s 535 members of Congress, minus two, and a president——————it’s called math)

How is one supposed to contribute to your newest fantasy, Barry O? With monthly health care premiums at $700 per month and deductible rates exceeding $5000.00, from where does the extra disposable income arise. Oh, that’s right.  You didn’t think about it, did you.

When will this president EVER quit campaigning?  On the other hand, perhaps it’s better he remains forever in campaign mode, for it reduces the opportunity to inflict greater harm on the nation while he still continues to pretend he’s in charge.



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