DHS Purchases Over 140,000 Rounds of Sniper Ammo

After a report earlier this week about the US Postal Service’s massive ammunition purchase, more eyebrows are being raised over a Department of Homeland Security procurement for tens of thousands of sniper cartridges.

Specifically, the government solicitation seeks to purchase 141,160 rounds of “Hornady .308 Winchester 168gr A-MAX TAP Ammunition.” One law enforcement supplier describes the cartridge as “a traditional match grade bullet with the performance advantages of a polymer tip. This bullet demonstrates an increase in penetration and retained weight . . . [and] demonstrates controlled and impressive soft tissue expansion.”

Another retailer claims this .308 cartridge is “the best 308 tactical ammo made . . . This load features a 168 grain bullet with a ballistic tip type bullet. TAP (Tactical Application Police) is made for law enforcement use and is loaded to the tightest specs for supreme accuracy and reliability. You will not get better ammo than TAP.”

Of course, the Geneva Convention bans this type of bullet in small arms, given the catastrophic injuries potentially created by non-ball ammo. But that’s apparently not stopping Washington’s DHS.

Please contact your congressional members HERE so that they will demand answers from DHS for why that agency finds it necessary to purchase ammunition designed for long-range, sniper applications.

Here’s a copy of the actual solicitation:

DHS Sniper Cartridges Solicitation


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