2015 Neuter America Vision

02Obama’s Official Vision 2015 is just a reminder of the left’s agenda to neuter America.

Obama’s recently released budget would funnel more taxpayer dollars towards inappropriate federal spending that’s fraught with special interest carve-outs:  universal pre-school programs; a Washington-centric approach to local transportation and infrastructure needs;  and manufacturing innovation centers and energy efficiency subsidies to direct “innovation” in America.

The truth is never pretty.  While claiming close to $2.2 trillion in deficit reduction over the 10 year budget window,   in truth Obama’s budget would increase the national debt to $25 trillion by 2024, despite massive tax increases and do nothing to balance the budget.     This $25 trillion in debt would include $19 trillion from borrowing  and $6 trillion in cuts to other government agencies.

Hoping to appease the disillusioned younger generation , Obama is offering to exclude student loan forgiveness from taxation,  continuing  the trend of ever increasing subsidies for higher education,  and doing  nothing to put pressure on universities to lower tuition costs.

Choosing to ignore real scientific  climate data that does not back up the U.N. “chicken Little” philosophy, and to appease his  far-left environmental supporters,  Obama calls for a $1 billion climate fund to collect data, assist communities affected by extreme weather and invest in even more green businesses that will end up bankrupted like the last bunch taxpayers funded.    For so-called green energy to thrive, it must come from private investment.

To keep Murder, Inc. afloat Obama plans on sending them millions of taxpayer dollars.  And to make certain that they stay in the abortion business, Obama wants to totally eliminate any mention of  abstinance in the government’s sex education program while feel good perversion is taught to children as young as 6.

To appease teachers’ unions, Obama is offering a universal preschool to enable the government to introduce your child to the pleasures of homosexuality, the dissolution of family life, and  submission  to the federal government at a much earlier age.

Obama proposes a $402 billion, 4 year transportation bill, a 38% increase over current annual spending, to replace a highway bill funded by highway user fees, gasoline taxes and related taxes paid by motorist, bus operators and truckers, to be funded by the current gasoline tax and increased taxes on corporations.    I would remind readers that the federal government and numerous states are already attempting to find the means to tax motorists by the mile rather than by the gallon.

Obama wants $1.25 billion a year spent on the Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER),  a grant program that pays for roads, rail, transit and port projects supposedly in the national interest.   TIGER was started under the so-called Stimulus bill’s shovel ready jobs program that, if nothing else, proved government can waste money without creating anything useful.

In another appeasement to the far-left  Obama wants to throw more money at Common Core even as states that have implemented  it are attempting to find a way out because it is a total failure.

With ObamaCare completely funded under the budget,  Obama has  abandoned the elderly and disabled and sees no need for Social Security reform even though it is hemorrhaging billions and is on track to run  a $322 billion deficit by 2032.      After all, under ObamaCare the elderly are disposable.

To pay for the increased spending, along with the usual “budget gimmicks” Obama wants to cap itemized deductions for high-income families on retirement savings and health insurance and  yet again, increase the death tax.   He is also calling for a bank tax, an increase in tobacco taxes, higher taxes for small business owners, higher unemployment insurance taxes and higher taxes on carried interest.   He also wants to cut $14 billion over the next ten years from the crop insurance program but anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that the big agriculture lobby will stop that in its tracks.

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