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Exclusive Breaking News: Putin Threatens
To Use Women And Children As Human Shield

Dear Friend,

This audio clip of Russian leader Vladimir Putin contains his threat to use human shields in any invasion of Ukraine.

A Russian translator rendered his statement in English:

“We don’t want to do it, but we will, we will do it only in order to protect Ukrainian citizens.  We will put their women and children in front of our troops, not behind, but in front and we will be hiding our solders behind them.  I dare any Ukrainian commander to give an order to shoot at such crowd.”

This story should be number one all over the nation, but there is no trace of it out there.  Please spread this all over the place.

Click Here to listen to the unbelievable audio clip of Putin threatening to use human shields!

Here is the link to the report of Putin threatening to use Ukrainian women, children, as human shields.


Dick Morris

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