Cultural Imperalism

hcThe AIDS pandemic is one of the most serious crises the world has ever faced.  More than 60 million people have contracted HIV and nearly 30 million have died of AIDS related causes.  With close to 34 million carrying the HIV virus and an estimated 2.7 million people newly infected each year, its’ clear the world has not figured out how to stop this disease.   So why, despite the billions being poured into AIDS prevention, have infection rates not significantly decreased?  Dr. Edward Green, while director of the AIDS Prevention Research Project at Harvard, set out to answer that question and the international community did not like what he found.

According to Dr. Green, “If sexual behavior is changed in the direction of more monogamy and fidelity and more abstinence, it greatly brings down infection rates.”  In his book Broken Promises: How the AIDS Establishment Has Betrayed the Developing World, Dr. Green presents his research indicating that the ‘sexual rights’ approach to AIDS prevention, championed by  the U.N., the U.S. and  other Western donor nations, is most likely contributing to higher rates of infection.

Cultural Imperialism: The Sexual Rights Agenda, a documentary directed by Sharon Slater, exposes how Western nations, especially America, are undermining AIDs prevention by linking it to the promotion of sexually deviant behavior  through ‘sexual rights,’  a broad elastic term that covers abortion, contraceptives, sterilization, homosexual, bisexual, transgender behavior, prostitution and comprehensive sexuality explicit education for children.

In 2011 Obama implemented an initiative requiring all U.S. international agencies to make advancing LGBT rights a top priority, requiring  all U.S. agencies to “pressure” countries to not only legalize and destigmatize LGBT sexual behavior,  but also embrace the homosexual lifestyle.   Obama is in essence blackmailing poor nations into embracing the a deviant lifestyle  into their culture by threatening to withhold aid.  And, as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton  at the 2011 UN Human Rights Day, informed the world that as part of Obama’s foreign policy, she would not accept defiance from nations who refuse to implement the LGBT  agenda  based on a  religious or cultural defense.

An African government official, whose identify was concealed in the documentary explained that tying aid money to the LGBT agenda is a new form of imperialism, blackmail on a moral issue, that is against Christian values.  “We take our Christianity differently.  It’s not like you put on a coat, and you can take if off at night.  We are Christian through and through and that’s Christianity we adopted from the very same people who now are coming in and saying, we will not give you aid money.”

Shirley Richards, a Jamaican attorney featured in the documentary  stated that “there is  no human rights based on behavior.  All people are equal, but not all types of behaviors are equal. . .the end result will be deconstruction of the family system, of the family structure.”

Adding to the problem is the U.N.’s comprehensive sexuality education program  pushed throughout the world  promoting homosexuality, and sexual experimentation,  that teaches  children as young as kindergarten [at least in the US] to embrace and experiment with sexual perversions and the sodomy-based lifestyle.

According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control, while homosexuals account for only about 2% of the population, they account for 60% of new HIV infections, and are 44 times more likely to be infected with HIV.  Homosexuals are the only risk group in which new HIV infections have been increasing steadily since the early 1990s. 

Rossette Katungye, Ambassador from Uganda says that while Uganda has come under heavy attack about our policies on homosexuality, a lot of it is based on misunderstanding.  When you see your loved ones die from HIV/AIDs, when you see the suffering, the toll that it has on the individual, the family and society, “we owe it to our fellow Ugandans to put the right policies in place.  And homosexuality erodes the very, very fabric of our society in the sense that it puts our people at risk.”

There is a natural law that determines the results of people’s behavior and it defines the choices they make.  They either conform to a natural law of  behavior or contradict or totally ignore that natural law and face failure, injury, and even death.

It seems to me, and it’s just a personal opinion, that this is a win-win situation for the U.N., Obama and the ruling elite.  They push an agenda that will in the end kill off a majority of the homosexual community, destroy traditional family values, minimize the influence of Christianity, while at the same time, reducing the world’s population.


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