US Muslim Wants Obama and Family Beheaded

Last Friday, the Sunday Express reported that British jihadist Abu Rashash Britani called for the beheading of Prime Minister David Cameron and Home Secretary Theresa May, tweeting, “I think when we establish khilafah (a Muslim state), a battalion of mujahadeen shud head to UK and capture davidcameron & theresamay n behead them both.” On Sunday, a US Muslim Jihadist targeted Barack Obama and his family, calling for their beheading.
Timothy DeTillio tweeted, “Obama your days are numbered. You have nowhere to hide. Your family is first on our list. We will find you and remove your filthy heads!!”
He had previously tweeted out, “Soon Dawlat-al Islamiya fi’l ‘iraq wa’sh-sham will encompass the entire world.”

 obama beheaded

Keep in mind that in both the Obama administration, as well as the Cameron government, they have deceitfully presented Islam as a “religion of peace,” not wanting to offend anyone, but Islam is having none of it. They want a caliphate. They want the guns, the weapons and the bombs, and now they are more vocal than ever.
DeTillio apparently living in Vermont added. “The West and their lackeys need to come to the realization that khilafah is here to stay and bring about law and order.”

According to Islam, dawlah means, “country or state” and khilafah is another form of the word caliphate, which is the Islamic state, headed by Muslims.

The irony in all of this is, as I’ve pointed out before, that Barack Obama’s own DHS advisor Mohamed Elibiary has said the US is an Islamic country with an Islamic compliant Constitution and that the best antidote to terrorism is Islam. The only way he could reference that is if he believes Obama is a Muslim. Now, couple that with how things work in the Middle East. Muslims are not only at war with Christians and Jews and Buddhists, but they are at war with each other. Thus, as our friend and fellow contributor David Woods has pointed out, since Obama is actively involved in overseeing the troops in Muslim lands, he has made himself a target, by those that oppose him.

source: Freedomoutpost



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