Alien Nation

0003As American government transforms itself into a concierge service for illegal aliens, the importance of keeping the truth from actual citizens has grown. Remember, you weren’t supposed to know about Obama’s human wave assault this year.

The photos of children stacked up like cargo in warehouses were leaked, provoking a crisis that sent immigration rocketing from an issue that didn’t crack the Top 10 lists of voters to their Number One concern. You also weren’t supposed to know about the buses and planes distributing thousands of illegal aliens to communities across the country, making it effectively impossible to deport them.

“Don’t worry about all that,” the American people were told, when the use of public money and resources to ferry illegals hither and yon was discovered. “They’ve all been served notice that they must appear at immigration hearings.”

Obama’s political rhetoric was an absolute lie, a complete inversion of reality, and while he prattled on about dastardly smugglers misinforming the poor chumps south of the border to pump up business, the dastardly smugglers were the ones telling the truth. Get across the border and you’re in. The American government has little interest in monitoring you, much less deporting you.

After a few weeks of increasing public pressure to stem the tide of border violators, the Administration suddenly adopted a new tactic: gosh, you know what?  There’s this law from the Bush era that says the victims of human trafficking can’t be deported, so there’s nothing we can do, our hands are tied, this isn’t one of those laws His Majesty Barack I can rewrite on a whim like ObamaCare, nosiree, this one’s carved in stone.

Never mind that the law in question clearly did not apply to Obama’s human wave – they were not “victims of human trafficking,” they were eager customers of smuggling industry. The law was bent and twisted to deflect demands for action, which should have been one of the biggest political scandals of the past century right there. The same people who assured us the illegals would be humanely detained, and then repatriated, to keep the public from exploding in outrage were suddenly saying there was absolutely nothing they could do, because of a law that had been in place for years. Obviously the first few weeks of spin control were total lies.

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