WHO and UNICEF Sterilizing African Women

03A whopping 2.3 million young Kenyan women and girls are being sterilized by WHO and UNICEF according to the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association through a so-called Tetanus vaccine program. Dr. Muhame Ngare of the Mercy Medical Centre in Nairobi said that they had “sent six samples of the vaccine to laboratories in South Africa and they tested positive for the HCG antigen.”

HCG is a chemical developed by the World Health Organization for sterilization purposes. When injected it causes a pregnancy to be destroyed by the body’s own antibody response to the HCG, resulting in spontaneous abortion. Its effectiveness lasts for years, causing abortions in women up to three years after the injections.

What really raised ref flags about the “tetanus” vaccine was the highly unusual inoculation schedule that demanded five shots over two years, a schedule that is never used for Tetanus and the fact that the vaccine was only being given to women of child bearing years.

The United Nations, WHO and UNICEF have all engaged in vaccination genocide and they’re not denying that the Tetanus vaccine contains HCG. Instead they are reverting to the “it’s not my fault” whine standard with the left, the manufacturer did it! A claim that is absurd since HCG would never be anywhere near a reputable vaccine manufacturing operation unless someone put it there deliberately. And with the UN pushing population control, reasonable people should have a pretty good idea who put it there.

Vaccines can be routinely used to inject populations with birth control chemicals or even stealth cancer viruses. According to natural news, that is exactly what happened to as many as 98 million Americans during the mass polio vaccinations of the 1960s and 70s. The CDC documented the “accidental” injection of millions of Americans with the cancer-causing SV40 simian virus in a fact sheet entitled “Cancer, Simian Virus 40 (SV40) and Polio Vaccine” before scrubbing it from their website in 2013.

What is happening in Kenya is a crime against humanity, a crime committed with deliberate racial discrimination. To deliberately add HCG to vaccines without full disclosure to the population is a heinous violation of human rights, not to mention a direct violation of the Geneva Convention limitations on medical experimentation.

Vaccines have become the perfect weapon against humanity –  nobody really knows what’s in them, they can easily be spiked with hidden chemicals and administered under the cover of “public health.” What better way to pursue deliberate chemically induced population control?

According to Bill Gates vaccines  are the perfect stealth weapon and he should know having funded all sorts of sterilization technologies, including one that blasts men’s scrotums with high-intensity sound waves to make them infertile. Gates is part of a covert medical cabal that believes aggressive human depopulation is urgently needed to save the planet through either/or vaccines spiked with sterilization chemicals or genetically engineered viruses with a high mortality rate, targeted at specific races and genetic profiles.

In 2013 the Gates Foundation was blamed for the deaths of children in Pakistan from an untested vaccine.  There is also a pending lawsuit in India for the 2009 tests on at least 30,000 tribal children using the human papiloma virus (HPV).

Were’s the lap-dog media? Where is the NAACP?   Shouldn’t they be all over a story about the U.N.’s blatant racial discrimination?  What am I thinking!  Why should they report that the left is attempting to eliminate the black race in Africa when they don’t even report that Planned Parenthood is attempting to eliminate the black race in America!

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