Federal Control Freaks Strike Again!

tapeBuyers Beware: In February, the nanny state will institute new standards for residential dishwashers, the benefits of which for consumers are NIL.

The control freaks that pass for regulatory agencies fully expect dishwasher sales to drop by one-third as the new regulations will add approximately two hundred million to production cost, which of course will be passed on to consumers.   And for all this? Well, you’ll save a whopping 68 gallons of water every year and see about 56 cents cut from your electric bill, maybe. If the cut in water consumption means you have to wash your dishes twice to get them clean then what are we really saving?

Spurred on by Obama’s obsession with none existent global warming, the government regulatory control freaks are also pumping out new standards for refrigerators, air conditioners, ceiling fans, furnaces, boilers, water heaters, lamps, etc. The only thing they’ve missed so far is the kitchen sink and I’m sure that was an oversight.

Obama claims that these new standards will help save the planet and stimulate the economy by saving you money on your electric bill, money that you can spend elsewhere. What bunk! What little money you save on that electric bill will not cover the cost of the new appliances once they’ve been “fixed” by the control freaks.

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