In The Name of National Security

02In the name of national security, the federal control freaks are piecing together a sweeping national “bio-surveillance” system that will give them near real-time access to our medical records, you know, those “private” medical records “protected” by HIPAA, the Health Information Privacy Rule.  HIPAA was another federal slight-of-hand law to make patients believe their health records would really be private. In truth, while your doctor  is prevented from sharing your records with anyone, including your famil without your permission, they were required to share those records with the control freaks without your knowledge.

Since 2009, the government has been developing national strategies to improve health situational awareness, or in English, to control every aspect of our lives. These include the National Strategy for Bio-surveillance, the Federal Health Information Technology Strategic Plan, and the National Bio-surveillance Strategy for Human Health. You can read the 2015-18, 52 page version at this link.

The National Health Security Strategy would allow the federal control freaks to monitor an individual’s behavior before, during and after any government defined health “incident,” meaning anything the control freaks decide is an “incident” meaning anything from a dust storm, a tornado, or the outbreak of the flu. Of course, the particular control freaks monitoring such a system would be the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

According to HHS, any “health situation awareness” program must include “bio-surveillance and other health and non-health inputs, meaning information from labs, the intelligence community, supply chain information, law enforcement, etc. . . .for critical health resource monitoring and allocation.”

Twila Brase, a public health nurse and cofounder of the Citizens Council for Health Freedom reminds us that this new surveillance is without limit.   “It is very clear that the government is moving toward real-time access, toward close collaboration of government [bureaucrats] and doctors for ready access to the electronic medical records and then to conduct research and analysis.”

The information collected will be all encompassing and will include our health status, whether or not we exercise, if we drink and how much, what we eat, how often we get a cold, or what kind of medications we’re taking, etc. to be combined with their fake data on global warming plus the economic conditions of the country, as all being part of our national security. In other words, anything and everything from a really wet spring, to California’s annual fire season, could become a national health threat by the control freak’s standards.

The most personal aspects of your life are slated to become the property of the government. How will it be used? The most logical use will be to ration health care since without rationing, ObamaCare will collapse under its own weight.

If only George Orwell could see us now! When Eric Arthur Blair, aka Orwell, penned 1984 he probably never imagined that the totalitarian, bureaucratic world he envisioned would become reality. While we’re not at the point of total control yet, the groundwork is fast being laid.

There is an old saying that goes: when the herd is running toward the cliff, the one running in the opposite direction, while seemingly crazy to the majority, may be the only one to survive.  Freedom, not social engineering is the answer. “It is big government that turns citizens into supplicants, capitalists into cronies and cooperative communities into competing special interest.  Freedom by contrast unites us.  It pulls us together and aligns our interest.  It draws us upward toward the best version of ourselves.”  David Muhlhausen


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