The Warming Racket

01Relentless opportunists, third-rate academics, carbon-market scam artists and peddlers of catastrophic prophecy are beginning to see the global warming, climate change, climate disruption bubble deflating so they’re working even harder than ever to sustain the scare.

It doesn’t mean the debate will stop, or the leftist lap-dog media will cease reporting weather as a dire threat, or the true believers, the useful idiots, will no longer be obsessed by it.   The world has refused to warm, despite the ongoing use of fossil fuels for the last 18 years. And despite the touted 95% certainty of man-made global warming of the 97% of scientists, or the high-powered projections of the world’s faux climate models, and contrary to all the confidence and predictions of alleged experts, mother nature has refused to pay the slightest heed.

This “debate” over climate change is unique in the history of science in that its proponents have abandoned the primacy of evidence and openly declared methodology in favor of self-proclaimed authority backed by their own confidential methods and models.   It is also unique in that alarmists refuse to directly address their opponents arguments, preferring to ignore, censor and/or personally denigrate them, declaring the science “settled” and anoint themselves as the only “experts.”

Fortunately, as the global warming scaremongers received kid-glove treatment by the lap-dog media, the Internet became their nemesis, a forum for the exposure of malpractice, regularly producing exposes shattering the façade of fake scientific expertise and propriety the scaremongers have erected around themselves, forcing them to retreat and rethink their strategy.

Their latest “rethink” is to deny the lack of global warming while fiddling with temperature records in an effort to “prove” warming continues, their imaginative explanations that the heat is hiding at the bottom of the ocean, that trade winds are skewing sea temperature readings, smack of desperation. Contrary to some contorted conclusions twisted by the lap-dog media, 2014 was not the hottest year on record, based on satellite temperature data – it wasn’t even close! 2014 wasn’t significantly different from 2013 according to climate scientist John Christy from the University of Alabama. For the continental US, 2014 was only the 34th warmest on record. Making matters even worse, there is increasing evidence that the climate has not only ceased to warm but may actually be starting to cool.  

NOAA didn’t help the scaremonger claims that global warming was causing or worsening extreme weather events either. According to NOAA’s 2014 publication, “Explaining Extremes of 2013 from a Climate Perspective,” there was no discernible connection between warming and extreme weather events such as the California drought, Colorado floods, the UK’s exceptionally cold spring, a South Dakota blizzard, Central Europe floors, a northwestern Europe cyclone or the exceptional snowfall in Europe’s Pyrenees Mountains.

Even as more Americans are beginning to face the truth that the U.N.’s climate change is a hoax, a scam, a means to gain control over our country, our leftist president and his merry band of thieves are still determined to turn the US into a third world country before his reign ends. 

Just last year William S. Becker, head of the leftist environmental group Climate Action Project, put it all into perspective with his “let-them-eat-cake” attitude when he said that the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs due to Obama’s anti-carbon regulations were “collateral damage” in their fight to end [nonexistent] global warming. He said the pain and suffering to the estimated 200,000 families put out of work was an “evolutionary step in technology and the economy” and a move toward “economic progress.”

Weather Chief Forecaster Joe Bastardi condemned Obama and his ilk for prostituting climate science to push a political agenda. This is not about the weather, it’s not about climate, it’s not about science. The real purpose of the climate movement was on full display at the People’s Climate March. “The mask came off.” The climate scam is about destroying capitalism, it’s about destroying freedom, it’s about a destruction of America’s way of life.

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