A Christian Manifesto Francis Schaeffer

“Conservative Humanism is no better than Liberal Humanism – We must not confuse patriotism with loyalty to Christ.”

We are to obey God and not man.

“When a government commands something which is contrary to the law of God, it abrogates it’s authority. And at that point it becomes not only the privilege, but the duty of the Christian to disobey that government. That is what our founding fathers did in the name of throwing off tyranny. The bottom line; IF there is no place for disobeying government; that government has been put in the place of the living God.”

“Tyranny of all sorts comes from the devil (Satan) and not from God.”

This is an important video from 1982 and applies even more today. The man was very wise in the ways of God, and of government. Hope you enjoy a good solid teaching from the past. The truth never gets old.

Dr. Schaeffer starts at 2:00 explaining what’s wrong with our country.

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