McAuliffe Protects his A** but not Yours

Unable to get his policies through Congress, Obama will use the nations governors to help him usurp the constitution and deny the people our God given right to self defense.

One of Obama’s biggest anti-freedom, anti-gun governors is Democrat Terry McAuliffe of Virginia. A disappointment to Virginia citizens to say the least.

You may remember on September 10, Hypocrite McAuliffe attended the #WhateverItTakes gun control rally with an armed guard by his side. He tried to play the irony down by suggesting anyone at the rally could have lawfully carried a gun if they passed a background check.

McAuliffe has always been an outspoken advocate for tighter gun control measures and in October signed an executive order setting up a task force aimed at more robust prosecution of gun crimes. The order also establishes a statewide tip line to report gun crimes, and orders state police to request a trace of every gun involved in a crime in Virginia. The order also outlaws the open carry of guns in some state-owned buildings.

McAuliffe is a typical democrat. He thinks his life is worth more than yours or that of your family. His actions prove he is not in politics to serve the people, he’s only in politics to further Obama’s agenda in destroying our freedoms.


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