Alert: Military Special Ops Enroute – Possible Agent Provocateur in Bundy Group

Freedomoutpost reports – I just got word that there have been verified sources that Ammon Bundy and those standing with him have heard from the federal agents and military special ops are enroute to the Malheur Wildlife Reserve and that one of the men in the midst of the patriots there is possibly an agent provocateur.
OathKeepers founder and president Stuart Rhodes released this :

Oath Keepers has received very credible information from an active duty source within the special operations community that at least one SOD-X (Reserve/National Guard Special Operations Detachment, see thisthis, and this) unit under the command of Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) has been tasked for this standoff at the Malheur Wildlife Reserve and moved to the area.   Given this, we should expect that other special operations assets, such as Delta Force, will also be involved if the Obama Administration decides to give the green light on a military raid/strike.  And we should expect the presence of the infamous FBI HRT (which were present at both Ruby Ridge and Waco).

Due to this, anyone who has children there, at the wildlife refuge, needs to get them out immediately, and DO NOT take any more children there for any reason (and we do know that some children, including a baby, have been seen there).  We do not need to have the risk of dead children in this incident.  It is unconscionable and immoral for anyone to place children at risk of being in the middle of a firefight or military raid/strike on the armed men holding that federal wildlife refuge.   Now, of course, just because military special operations units have been sent to the area and are tasked with a possible action does not mean it will be done.  It may not.  But we DO NOT trust the Obama Administration to do this right, which would be to handle it like the Montana Freeman standoff rather than the Waco standoff, and anyone who thinks that Obama wouldn’t dare drop the hammer on Ammon and his men is a fool.   We hope “the adults in the room” in the Administration and in the federal LEO and military community will keep that from happening, but hope is not an operational plan.  We don’t trust them, and you shouldn’t either, so:

Get, and keep, children off the friggin X.
Apparently, the men were expecting to resolve the issue peacefully, as I previously reported, but there was no doubt in my mind that the tyrannical feds were not going to try and work things out. The same scenario is about to play out that played out at the Bundy Ranch, but it may go further, much further… as in Waco.

“Both Ammon Bundy and Ryan Payne (who we suspect is an agent provocateur) told the locals in the Committee of Safety, at a public town hall meeting on December 15, that they, the locals on the committee, would be making the decisions on what was to be done, how, and when,” wrote Rhodes. “That was a lie, as they were already staging their men and supplies in the area to takeover the wildlife refuge, and had already planned out this takeover of the federal facility at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge.  By doing this, they have given Obama the best New Years present he could hope for – an example of militia movement/patriot aggression, which gives up the high ground while also having the least credibility and support from the locals possible, after lying to them, and also the least support from the patriot community, who were also blind-sided by Ammon and Ryan Payne.”

He then issued a warning for restraint to those who would engage Bundy and those gathered at the Wildlife Reserve.

“However, as much as we oppose what Ammon Bundy and Ryan Payne have done, we must warn the Obama Administration that it does not have free reign to ‘Waco’ the people in this standoff by using deadly military force, such as an SOD-X, Delta Force, or the FBI HRT to kill them all,” Rhodes concluded. “The Federal government must respect their right to due process and do all it can to end this standoff peacefully, without loss of life.   It must treat it like the Freeman standoff, not the Waco standoff.   There will be no more free Wacos, as Mike Vanderbgh, Founder of the Three Percenter movement puts it.  Treat this with kid gloves or risk a civil war.”

Is Stuart Rhodes telling the truth or just adding to the narrative. I don’t know at this point, but we do know that he embellished the drone attack on the Bundy Ranch. That is not an indictment against the member of OathKeepers, but it does make one standoffish about Rhodes.

Reports are that Bundy and the other men at the wildlife reserve are taking defensive positions regarding this new information.

Please Listen to this video – Oregon Rep. explains what is truly going on and why this is all happening.

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