100 Muslim Per Day Coming Into U.S. …

Months ago, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump implored the American government to push pause on an immigration policy that saw tens of thousands of Muslim immigrants being allowed to pour into the United States even as terror threats continued to rise both here and abroad. Mr. Trump called for a revamping of immigration protocols that would allow more time to better screen potential immigrants, particularly those from parts of the world noted for being heavily influenced by radical Islam that has declared war on America and the Western World.
The Obama White House, various politicians, and the Mainstream Media accused Mr. Trump of racism, and since that time, the Obama administration has moved to accelerate Muslim immigration into this country.
Current reports indicate there are over 100 new Muslim immigrants entering the United States PER DAY and many of them are coming from known terrorist hot-spots around the globe. Presently, Muslims account for the single fastest growing immigrant group since Barack Obama became President. It is an immigration trend entirely new to America, one that appears to have been by design since Mr. Obama took office in 2009.
It is a bizarre paradox from a politician who on one side of his mouth declares his support of LBGT Americans, while at the very same time importing thousands who largely oppose that very same lifestyle – an opposition that in some parts of the world, is justification for a death sentence.
It is the dirty secret of Barack Obama’s immigration insanity. From the anti-American protests in San Jose and elsewhere, to the horrific mayhem of Orlando, the Obama administration has purposely accelerated the mass invasion of people into the United States who despise this country and who are willing to riot and murder to carry out their goal of seeing America destroyed.
It is a goal that they appear to share with President Obama.
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