And the Plot Thickens-Dropping Guns in the Hood

According to the video recorded testimony of ex-Chicago gang member, during the wee hours of the morning in the alleyways and backstreets of  urban Chicago, crates of firearms were left to be found by the gang members of Chi-Town, now a war zone known as Chiraq.

Many of these free firearms were class-3 fully automatics. As we all know a class-3 weapon can only be sold by certain dealers and requires an intensive background check, and a tax is paid before a purchase can even be made. Yet these fully auto firearms were left for the taking in low-income areas full of poverty, drugs and gang members unable to legally purchase a firearm, let alone own or possess one.

Now I ask you, who would want to arm these criminals and why?

Sounds like another government plot to disarm and rob all citizens of their 2nd Amendment rights.

These anti-gun, anti-freedom, anti-Americans will stop at nothing to further shred the Constitution enslaving us just to have their doctorial way.

If this is going on in Chicago, I’m sure they are doing it in other states as well.

We must always remember their motto: The end justifies the means – even if it means more lives are lost.

What a bunch of useless, evil BUTT-WIPES.


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