Brother Rachid, the son of a Moroccan Iman, explains militant Islam to all left-wing nuts in America who refuse to remove their heads from the sand.

Obama and his left-wing cohorts continue to insist that we are not a war with Islam. In an endless attempt to portray something as something it isn’t, we see the politicial left spewing endless quotes of the “religion of peace,” diatribes on “a nation of immigrants” and complaints about ethnic profiling.  Someone needs to tell the left that even though Obama refuses to be at war with Islam, they are definitely at war with us!

The adherents of militant Islam are not some small, isolated group of malcontents as they are often portrayed.  Millions of Mullins are adherents to the ideology and religious fervor that wages war against the “infidels.”  The cries of jihad echo across the globe.  It  is the ideology of the Arab slavers waging war on Christians in Sudan.  It is the call from hundreds of minarets in Saudi Arabia and the gospel of the mullahs of Iran.  It is the creed of the border tribes of Pakistan and is the heart and soul of the Taliban and ISIS.  It flourishes in the jungles of the Philippines and the slums of Indonesia.  It sallies forth from the green valleys of Lebanon and preaches its hate in the mosques of Europe and America.  And, it beheads Americans on the sands of Syria.

Whether it is the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Hamas, al-Tawhid, Abu Sayyaf, the Taliban, al-Ansar Islam, al-Sadr’s militia, Sipeh-e-Sahaba Pakistan, Beyyiat el-Iman, Jund al-Shams, ISIS, or the dozens of other militant terrorists infesting the globe, their methodology, goals, tactics, cruelty, tenacity, and victims are often eerily the same.  It is a strange world of martyrdom, jihad, cries of Allah Akbar and fantasies of a heavenly reward.  They may differ by sect, creed, or nationality but each wages war on the innocent, Christians and Jews, the concepts of Liberty and Justice and Western Civilization itself.

That ISIS represents Islam is a given.  The only question we should concern ourselves with is whether we, as a nation, have lost our soul and ability to overcome the deplorable liberal cancer that lobotomizes otherwise intelligent people; a cancer that creates an endless line of apologies, capitulations and seditionist.

Source:  David Huntwork, Conservative Daily News

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