Islam: The Opposite of Freedom

islamWhen Keith Ellison of Minnesota became the first Muslim American elected to Congress he took the oath to defend our Constitution using a Quran that once belonged to Thomas Jefferson.   Can one swear on the Quran to defend a Constitution that espouses everything Islam is against?   Can a Muslim who swears obedience to the Islamic religion lead an American political party?

Our Constitution guarantees that Congress shall “make no law prohibiting the free exercise of religion;” that Congress shall not abridge “the freedom of speech;” nor take away “the right of the people to peaceable assembly” or the right to “petition the government for a redress of grievance;” the “right to keep and bear arms;” due process of law, public trial by an impartial jury; the absence of cruel and unusual punishments; a citizens’ right to vote; and the abolishment of slavery. 

Islamic law enforces dhimmi status on all non-Muslims, prohibiting them from observing their religious practices publicly, or from raising their voices during prayer or ringing church bells or saying anything insulting to Islam. Islamic law pronounces a death sentence on any Muslim who denounces their faith. Non-Muslims cannot repair or rebuild their churches and they must allow Muslims to participate in their private meetings. It also prevents non-Muslims from bringing their dead near the graveyards of Muslims or the right to mourn their dead out loud. Islam law forbids non-Muslims from harboring hostility towards the state or from giving comfort to those who have grievance against the state.

Islamic law forbids non-Muslims from owning firearms and swords, or any weapon for that matter; and allows Muslims to slaughter non-Muslims without punishment. Islamic law does not give legal status to non-Muslims, even forbidding them from testifying in court against a Muslim. Islamic law does not allow women to vote; allows women that have been raped to be killed for dishonoring her family; and accommodates slavery of men, women and children.

Ellison told his supporters in 2006 that “You can’t back down. You can’t chicken out. …you’ve got to stand up and be a real Muslim…. if you and me too, stick together, if we believe in allah, subhanahu wa ta’ala, if we turn to the Quran for guidance, we’ll find an answer to the questions we have.   If you turn to the Quran for guidance you’ll find:

  • Sura 5:50 – Muslims should not take neither the Jew or Christian for a friend.
  • Sura 5:17 – anyone who declares that “God is the Christ, the son of Mary” is an infidel.
  • Sura: 5:73 – infidels are those who say that “God is one of three in trinity.”
  • Sura 9:123 – Muslims should “make war on the infidels who dwell around you.”
  • Sura 4:101 – “infidels” are your sworn enemies.
  • Sura 47:4 – when a Muslim meets an “infidel on the battlefield, they are to strike off their heads.”
  • Sura 2:191 – “kill the disbelievers wherever we find them.”

Islam is the opposite of freedom. It means surrender, submission or subjugation.   A Muslim is someone who has submitted. A dhimmi is a non-Muslim forced to submit. Mohammed divided the world into two parts: those who submit to the will of allah, or the House of Islam (dar al-Islam) and those yet to submit, or the House of War (dar al-harb).

Where we believe world peace means peaceful coexistence, to a Muslim it means submitting to the will of allah. Moderate Muslims believe the world will submit, even if only in the distant future, perhaps at the hour of judgment. Fundamental Muslims demands the world submit now to fulfill Islam’s manifest destiny and, to that end, they are willing to murder moderate Muslims along with non-Muslims.

Allah is not nor has it ever been the name of the Christian/Hebrew God. Every Arabian tribe called their main local deity allah which simply means “the god.” In Mecca they worshipped as many as 360 deities, represented by stones believed to have fallen from the sun, the moon and the stars. The senior deity was the moon god Hubal, whose idol was brought to Mecca from Moab about 400 years before the birth of Muhammed.

Perhaps influenced by Canaanites who worshiped Baal and his three daughters, pre-Islamic Mecca revered three female daughter goddesses: 1) al-Lat worshipped as a square stone; 2) al-Uzzah worshipped as a granite slab; and 3) Manat worshipped as a black stone. The Arabs walked in circles around the square edifice called the Ka’aba and went inside it to kiss the Black Stone, a 12” meteor rock or impact glass from a meteor crater. They prayed five times a day towards the Ka’aba in Mecca and fasted part of a day for an entire month just as Muslims do today at Ramadan.

The Quran tells us that Mohammed drove the other idols away; he made one god out of many, and he was its messenger. He kept the Ka’aba, the sacred place and confirmed that the black stone of Manat had the power to take away man’s sins. He obligated every believer to make a pilgrimage to the stone at least once in his lifetime. (Sura 22:26-37).

When Islam became the dominant political force, people were coerced to use the name allah or suffer the consequences from the hands of militant Muslims. Even the Arabic translators of the Christian Bible were pressured into substituting the word allah for the Christian/Hebrew God in the Arabic bible.  

“Our challenge is to speak truthfully about God, and the only way we can do that is to use the names God gave Himself. The God of the Bible is not allah, and allah is not the God of the Bible. Any confusion about that undermines the very Gospel we preach.” R. Albert Mohler, Jr.

Source:  What Every  American Needs To Know About The Quran, A History of Islam and The United States, by William J. Federer

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