Evils of Islam and the United States Armed Forces

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Scripture commands Christians to be prepared to defend their faith (1 Pet. 3:15), and to expose the unfruitful works of darkness (Eph. 5:11). Cornelius Van Til, a presuppositional apologist, once said, “Apologetics is the vindication of the Christian philosophy of life against the various forms of the non-Christian philosophy of life.” To defend the Christian faith, Christians must set apart Christ the Lord as holy in their hearts, which means that Christ must be their ultimate authority in all matters of faith and practice. This is because the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge (Prov. 1:7), and Christ possesses all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge (Col. 2:2-3).

To defend the faith, every Christian must appeal to the ontological and economic Trinity. The ontological Trinity is referring to the Trinity itself, and is distinguished by personal properties. The economic trinity deals with the roles and activity of the Godhead with respect to creation and redemption. Any worldview that does not affirm the God of the Old and New Testament as the One True God who exists in three persons, and each person is fully God—does not represent the Savior, but Satan.

The religion of Islam rejects the Trinity, and they embrace vile and wicked doctrines, which will be discussed in this article.

Americans should be apprehensive over the ominous threats of Islam. It is important to note that this article is not a personal attack against anyone who affirms Islam. Rather, this article is a theological and polemical argument against the consistent tenets that are found in the Quran.

Objective observers may argue that the US military panders to Islam at times—which is why leaders at all levels must be advised about the perils that can inevitability inflict terror on American soil. There are many Americans and service members that may be unlettered, undiscerning, or perpetually deceived about the Islamic faith. Why should this cause concern? Naïveté, blissful ignorance, and deception can lead to bodily harm, death and lamentations

This article will explain a few brief, disconcerting examples of Islam, to include exposing the tenets of Islam, which should cause concern.

I. Muslim Chaplain Infamy

The US military first started commissioning Muslim chaplains in 1993. The first endorsing agency was the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), which was founded by a terror supporting convict, who was not a convict when he allegedly influenced the military chaplaincy. US Army LTC (Ret) Abdul-Rasheed Muhammad became the Army’s first Islamic chaplain in 1994, and was endorsed by the ISNA—a charity that has been accused of serving as an al-Qaida front.

In 2014, the US military allowed two individuals to commission as chaplains. These two chaplains were from the ISNA, a Muslim Brotherhood entity. It is important to note that the ISNA has an extremist past. Mustapha Rahouchen was chosen by the US Army, and Rafael Lantigua was chosen by the US Air Force. According to the Clarion Project [emphasis added]:

ISNA has a well-documented extremist history. In 1991, the Muslim Brotherhood listed ISNA as one of its main fronts. Declassified FBI memos said ISNA is a component of the Muslim Brotherhood, who sees its “work in America as a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within.”

In 2007, the U.S. government labeled ISNA a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity and an unindicted co-conspirator in a terrorism-financing trial involving the Holy Land Foundation funneling money to Hamas. The label was upheld in 2009 because of “ample” evidence linking ISNA to Hamas. Last year, ISNA’s Canadian affiliate lost its status as a charity because of its accounting discrepancies and links to Pakistani terrorists.

All of the aforementioned examples should cause concern. If a Muslim is consistent with their tenets of faith, this can lead to trouble. Americans should never forget about the Ft. Hood shooting in 2009, when Nidal Hasan, a former Army Major and Islamic terrorist, killed 14 people and injured 32 others at Ft. Hood, Texas—all in the name of his religion.

II. Evil Tenets

For Americans to remain safe, they must be informed about Islam. Islam is not rooted in equality; it is rooted in evil. Consider a few of their tenets of faith—which were founded on slavery, that has never been abolished (cf. Bukhari 1.8.440):

In Islam, women are inferior to men (cf. Bukhari 1.6.301), and are property of their husbands (cf. Quran 2.223). Not only does the Quran allow men to rape an unlimited amount of women (cf. 24.33), women are diabolically forced to have their female genitals mutilated (cf. Sahih Muslim 3.684). Even worse, men are permitted to pulverize and murder their wives (cf. Quran 4.34).

Also, little children are allowed to be victimized. Allah, the false god of Islam, allows Muslim men to rape little children (cf. Quran 4.3; cf. Sahih Muslim 8.3309-3311).

African Americans should note that Islam’s prophet Mohammed should never be regarded as a reverent person—but rather a racist pedophile. He referred to black people as “raisin heads” (Bukhari 1.11.662), and had sex with a little child (cf. Bukhari 7.62.88).

Islam is perilous, not peaceful.

According to Islam, Allah abhors all non-Muslims, and he regards them as vile infidels (cf. Quran 98.6). As a result, Muslims are commanded to be merciless against non-Muslims (cf. Quran 48.29), and to kill anyone that will not affirm Allah or Mohammad (cf. Quran 9.5, 29). The threat of Islam will never cease—until all non-Muslims are deceased (cf. Quran 9.73).

III. Islamic plan: Deception & War

Americans and service members must avoid being deceived. Islamic proponents may or will vehemently deny all of the aforementioned Islamic tenets and will claim to be tolerant of all faiths. Why would they do this? Lying is encouraged to advance the cause of Islam according to their articles of religion (cf. Sahih Muslim 32.6303).

Islamic chaplains may claim to be tolerant, and inclusive of others. Here is an example: Consider the tolerant and inclusive rhetoric from Walid Habash, an Air Force Muslim chaplain [emphasis added]:

Allow yourself to be open-minded,” he urged. “Search for the truth. Are there differences? Most certainly, but it’s not the end if we allow ourselves to see others as a human being that can share certain things.”

It is important to note that Chaplain Walid Habash received “his Islamic education from a radical Muslim Brotherhood school that was raided by federal agents in 2002 as part of a post-9/11 terrorism investigation,” according to Frontpage magazine.

Why would anyone care if any Muslim Chaplain is amicable and inclusive of others? If Americans and service members ascertain what Muslims believe, their affiliations, and their plan for war against non-Muslims (Jihad)—they will see the phases of how Muslims tend to non-Muslims:

  • Phase 1: Muslims will use pithy statements of love, tolerance, equality, and neutrality with non-Muslims (cf. Quran 109:1-6)
  • Phase 2: Muslims are permitted to war against all adversaries (cf. Quran 22:39-41)
  • Phase 3: Muslims are directed to slaughter pagans and subdue Christians and Jews (cf. Quran 9:1-6, 29-31). 


Islam is a threat! This article has provided a few brief, disconcerting examples of Islam, and this article has exposed the tenets of Islam, which should cause concern.

There may be Islamic adherents who will attempt to mitigate their diabolical religion. Consider Air Force Muslim Master Sergeant (MSgt), Laura Magee, who says, “I want people to know it is not evil.” An observer may wonder if MSgt Magee is being either naïve or benighted, since the false god of Islam allows Muslim men to cause bodily harm and death to women. This is why she is patently false, and why Islam is evil.

For revival to take place in the U.S., Americans and service members must embrace the One True God who exists in three persons—who is absolutely sovereign over all things according to His infallible foreknowledge. When the triune God is worshipped, and the false god of Islam is abhorred, Americans will be safer. May God may bless America—with repentance (2 Chron. 7:14).

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