Coming of the Messiah of Progress


In those days, the people awaited the coming of a savior: one who would deliver them from economic stagnation, heal the planet and unite the nations; the enlightened One who would enable mankind to take the next leap to a higher state of being.

At that time, a man came out of the wilderness preaching the gospel of Change and the power of Hope and saying,

“Come to me those who are weary and burdened, and I will bring prosperity without labor and peace without struggle. Everyone will enjoy their own entitlements, for I will be their provider. Take my yoke upon you, for my yoke is easy and my burden light.” And the people flocked to hear his comforting words and he was called “Blessed One”.

Now, in the City of Wind there was a woman of extensive means, high reputation and immense influence—a priestess of the New Age—who was looking for The One to come. When she heard of the stranger’s message, she sent servants to him asking, “Are you The One, or should we look for another?”

And he answered them, “Tell her the oceans recede and the planet heals.”

When she heard this, she rejoiced and went out and proclaimed his name.

And the people came—even those from far away, following his rising star—and fell down before him presenting gifts of gold from Nobel, Grammys and PAC contributions, for, in him, History was reconciling mankind to Itself.

And a great company of journalists accompanied him wherever he went, lauding his words and saying, “Glory to the Lightworker, glory to the one who takes away the troubles of the world.”

He gathered disciples to himself and he spoke unto them saying, “How shall I describe my America? It is like a man who sowed good seed in his field. But when the wheat sprouted, weeds also appeared. So he said to his servants, ‘Pull up the weeds and burn them in the fire so that only the good remains.’”

And he said, “Again, my America, though it is the smallest of memes, when planted in the universities and media, it spreads and it grows and grows into a mighty bureaucracy until everyone is compelled to seek provision beneath its rule.”

And they said, “Sir, how may we enter your America?”

And he said unto them, “Unless you surrender your liberty, you cannot enter my rest. For my America is like a kind parent: Legislature, Judiciary and Executive, all expressing the perfect will of the President—one person in three branches. Verily, I say unto you, you must come to me like a university sophomore or Hollywood starlet, believing in the efficacy of Hope, trusting that your problems can all be solved if you but follow my lead and believe ‘Yes We Can’. But those who cling to their bibles and Constitution and will not surrender their liberty, they shall not enter my rest. For new wine must be poured into new wineskins. So if we persevere, keeping the faith until the end, we will go to everlasting freedom; but those on the wrong side of History will be cast down onto the ash heap. For the ideology the world has rejected has become the cornerstone.”

And he came to a stadium where a great throng of people had gathered to hear his words, and he had compassion for them, and spoke unto them: “Oh, do not ask what you will eat, what you will wear, because I know your needs better than you.

“Lay up for yourself the security that inflation does not devour nor thieves break in and steal. Choose health insurance, education, childcare, welfare, and food stamps, and all without cost.” And, seeing their disbelief, he said,

“Oh, you of little faith! If you can provide for yours, then how much better can the State provide?”

And they were amazed at his teaching, for he spoke as one who had power to establish these things, and not as one who needed to balance the budget, as others did.

But there were those who heard his words but denied their power. And they sought ways to trip him up in his speech. The Tea Partiers (those who deny the existence of the Free Lunch) came to him saying, “Teacher, from whence comes the dollars for all your good works?”

And he answered, “From he who has, so shall it be taken and given to him who has not.”

And another, a respected pundit in international affairs and member of the sect called Grand Old, asked, “Teacher, you say if we but confess our sins and withdraw our soldiers, then will peace break out and then will America be loved. But then, wouldn’t our enemies occupy those places vacated?”

And he rose up angrily and said, “You brood of vipers! You wrangle about economic principle and believe you can pronounce authoritatively on foreign policy, but you do not know how to read the times! And about militant reaction, you are sadly mistaken, for you do not know the power of Apology.

“You believe you are exceptional for being sons of America, but I tell you Progress will raise up sons from many nations!

“You claim to be able to discern the signs of political change, but it was through these that my coming was foretold.

“For Wilson came heralding the Age of Progress and the Living Constitution, but you did not listen. Then came FDR, announcing the New Deal and enshrining prosperity for all, and you did not believe him. After him, LBJ rose up, proclaiming the right to choose one’s lifestyle and to forge one’s own meaning, but you did not embrace his Society. But now one has come, not to abolish these, but to fulfill them!”

And they were mystified at his words and murmured among themselves. Then one asked, “Who are you? Please speak plainly.”

And he said, “I am The Change.”

Upon hearing these words, all those seeking salvation though the State fell down and worshipped him, for he claimed to be the embodiment of History, the messiah of Progress, the avatar of Evolution. But the Deniers wentaway, scheming about how they might denounce him.

And he was amazed at their unbelief since Progress testified to the infallibility of his words. So he spoke to his disciples, and cautioned them, saying “Beware the yeast of the Haters.” And they quibbled among themselves over the meaning his words, some thinking he meant racists, and others, terrorists, but others, by the working of the Progressive Spirit, understood that he meant those holding traditional values.

And they came from every class and people, and were gathered unto him: the old guard, lamenting the fall of the Soviet paradise and seeking a revival of the hope of the Kingdom of Equality, and also the religiously scientistic, devoted to the universal application of evolutionary precept—those convinced of the perfectibility of man and praying for world governance; the youth, too callow to not believe in magic, and their professors, too sophisticated to not believe; the activist judges, convinced of their own moral eminence, and also the journalists and other architects of public opinion; the vocationally unemployed, the governmentally tenured, the illegal alien, the special interest group—all those desiring their piece of the pie; the spiritually disillusioned, chasing a new covenant of self- fulfillment—women seeking freedom from childbirth and from the obligations of matrimony, young men giddy with the promise of sexual license, innovators eager to drink it to the dregs; those of the dark skin, seeing in him a god in their own image, and those of the paler complexion, seeking redemption (for it was said that, whoever followed him, the sins of their fathers would be forgiven by the power of the melanin in his skin, but to those who would not follow, neither would their sins be forgiven)—all those wanting to feel good about America—about themselves. All these came together intending to make him President.

Then, during the solemn assembly, which is called “The Election”, which occurs every four years according to the tradition of the Elders, the people gathered and were asked, “Who would you have for your President? Should it be The Governor, he who is skilled in financial management and experienced in matters of foreign policy, or do you want the one called ‘Change’?”

And the multitude, driven by the elites and TV networks, cried out, “Give us the one called Change!” and, “If you do not give us the one called Change, you are no friend of Progress!” And so The Change was exalted, but the other was sent away into the wilderness.

Then, when that day came, which is called “The Inauguration”, he set his face towards Washington, and, traveling along the path of Lincoln, he entered the city riding on a Springfield and came to the place called Union. Whence, he went up to the mall and the people lining the way shouted, “Blessed is he who comes in the name of Progress. Blessed is the Change!” And they set him in the Office and he declared unto them, “Truly, I say to you, Change has come to America today!”

And there occurred great elation, and much celebration, and an abundant outpouring of the Spirit of Progress, for salvation had come to the land and the old America had passed away.


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