Secularism A Hopeless Dead End

God’s love to people

Today’s secularism will not stand the test of time – because it simply can’t.

All human beings are created in God’s image with a conscience, a moral code deep within us that yearns for truth. Although our conscience can be calloused over time, it never ultimately goes away.

So secularism – the desperate desire to remove God’s design from a human heart – cannot ultimately win in the end.

We saw this last week in a story by the Los Angeles Times, headlined, “McDonalds worker gives birth and tries to flush infant down toilet.”

Just reading that probably grieves your conscience – unless you’re not a sane person.

No matter how desperately those pushing the moral revolution away from God and toward secularism want us to buy into their lies, the conscience of humanity screams within us all when we see stories like this. Here’s a summary:

“Sarah Lockner was working as a cashier at the McDonald’s restaurant on Chestnut Street on the evening of Sept. 4 when she complained of stomach pain. During her night shift, the 25-year-old Redwood City woman visited the restaurant’s bathroom multiple times, to the concern of a co-worker.

“When the co-worker entered the bathroom to check on Lockner, prosecutors said, there was blood on the floor. …

“[A] second employee walked in … peered over Lockner’s stall and ‘saw a newborn baby face down in toilet bowl,’ prosecutors said. Lockner had her hand on the baby’s back … [and] the employee then heard the toilet flush. …”

Police arrived later and found the baby had no pulse and wasn’t breathing. They performed CPR and took the baby to Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital in Palo Alto.

The Times reported: “The infant is alive and in stable condition, but the extent of the baby’s brain injuries was not known” … [Lockner] has been charged with felony child abuse and inflicting great bodily injury, along with an attempted murder charge, prosecutors said.”

To say this story is disturbing is putting it lightly – it’s hard to believe such carnage exists in our nation. But this is where secularism leads.

Planned Parenthood, which is home to many prophets of today’s militant secularism, brainwashes Americans like Sarah Lockner, leading them to believe children in the womb are actually nothing more than lumps of flesh – not living beings.

And women have the “right to choose” what they want to do with this thing in their belly. There is no God, of course, in secularism, so there are no true standards for right and wrong.

So Sarah walked into the bathroom with a calloused conscience. Instead of being a protecting mother, she became a panicking murderer. And her “right to choose” landed her in jail.

That brings us to the hypocrisy of secularism. If Sarah had walked into an abortion clinic for a late-term abortion that morning, she would not be sitting in jail right now. The only real issue here is, according to secularism, the fact that she wasn’t at an abortion clinic disposing of the baby. Instead, she was in a bathroom stall.

This hypocrisy is sickening.

To make the matter even worse for secularists, headlines from other news sources reported Sarah gave birth to a baby “boy.” Editorial boards across the country are probably frothing at the mouth.

Yes, some news agencies had the audacity to call this a “baby” and a “boy” – two moral statements that clearly point to God’s design.

If you want to defend Sarah’s choice to try and flush her baby boy down the toilet, go right ahead. Just know this: The God who created her in His image is also a good judge who will call her to account for her actions. Secularism has no hope for her now.

But God does, which is the good news. If she confesses her sin and repents to Jesus, she can be forgiven. And if she’s truly repentant, she will take responsibility for her actions, assume all the consequences and move forward being the best mother she can be.

At the end of the day, secularism is a hopeless dead end – and it offers nothing to Sarah Lockner now. Her only hope is to look to Jesus, which is the only thing that will stand the test of time.

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