Detached From Reality


“How It Happened,” Hillary’s bizarre attempt to rationalize her monumental defeat last year, isn’t the only example of delusional liberalism to hit the bookstores this month. Two new books contend that Trump’s election is proof that Americans have always been at least slightly unhinged.

“Twilight of American Society: A Psychiatrist Analyzes the Age of Trump” by Frances Allen, M.D., puts us on the couch and finds the President reflects our national dementia. (We believe in God, for God’s sake!) By the way, the suicide rate among shrinks is 5 to 6 times that of the general population. And they get to decide who’s nuts?

In “Fantasyland: How America Went Haywire: A 500-year history,” Kurt Andersen traces our national psychosis back to the Puritans. And there are those who say the left has hated America – like forever.

Still, you have to wonder how a nation of paranoids, superstitious boobs, fanatics and rubes at a carnival sideshow managed to build the greatest industrial society the world has ever seen, serve as a beacon of representative government and defeat the twin totalitarian nightmares of the 20th century. It must have been the New Deal and Margaret Sanger.

Irony abounds here. The leftism that’s come to be called liberalism is based on a resolute refusal to confront reality – and they say we live in a dream world. For Mrs. Clinton and the authors of these books, reality is like Silly Putty. It can be stretched to cover any absurdity. For instance: Our national obsession with guns – This is code for “guns cause crime.” (The obsession many Americans have is with not being killed.) Here, evidence is irrelevant. Over the past few decades, as the number of guns in American society has increased dramatically, the rate of violent crime has declined. But don’t annoy me with facts.

• I feel, therefore I am — Take the left’s latest cause, transgenderism – the notion that a man who feels like a woman must be treated as a woman. Have his chromosomes changed? Still, they insist that we all participate in this delusion or be condemned as vile bigots. Just how far this can be taken may be seen in the case of Rachel Dolezal, who was fired as the head of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP in 2015 when it was disclosed that she was white, after claiming she was black for years. Now, in her autobiography, she describes herself as “trans-black.” If you can change your gender by wishing hard enough, why not your race?

• We can negotiate with bloodthirsty tyrants and terrorist death-cults – Despite its manifest failure – from Munich to the 1973 Paris Peace Accords, and from North Korea to Iran – lefties cling tenaciously to negotiations at any price. Surely, there’s some sort of a deal we can cut with that mensch Kim Jong Un. And why can’t the Israelis (who want to live) and the Palestinians (who want to kill them) settle their differences at the conference table? All they’re saying is give national suicide a chance.

• Raising the minimum wage creates prosperity – In the liberal universe, wages aren’t set by the market, but by political fiat. In the real world, every time the minimum wage goes up, entry-level jobs disappear and hours are cut. If, as liberals believe, workers should be paid not what the market dictates but what they demand, why stop at $15-an-hour? Why not $25 or $50?

• Election Fraud is a myth concocted by Republicans to depress the minority vote – New Hampshire has same-day registration for voters. On November 8, 2017, 6,540 people with out-of-state drivers’ licenses showed up at the polls in the Granite State. (All said they were in the process of moving to New Hampshire or getting a New Hampshire license.) Only 213 eventually registered a vehicle in the state. Hillary won New Hampshire by 2,736 votes. Incumbent Republican Kelly Ayotte lost her Senate seat by 1,017 votes. Election fraud? Couldn’t possibly happen. What, are you trying to suppress the minority vote?

• Terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. To suggest otherwise is Islamophobia – Try telling that to ISIS, al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Boko Haram, etc. Apparently, liberals (who’ve read the CliffsNotes version of the Quran), know more about the religion than the imams, ayatollahs and mullahs who’ve lived it all of their lives and can quote suras by heart.

• Abortion is a human right – Liberals almost never talk about the unborn child – to do so would contradict feminist dogma. They used to blithely speak of the fetus as a collection of cells. A collection of cells whose brain begins to develop at 6 weeks? A collection of cells whose heart starts to beat after 21 days? Liberals believe in a constitutional right to abortion because they want a right to abortion (because they want to liberate women from their biology). The same logic is applied to same-sex “marriage.” Both “rights” may be found in the I-want-it clause of the Constitution.

• Overpopulation is a dire threat to humanity – It’s a dire threat that liberals refuse to define. Thomas Malthus thought the world was overpopulated in 1798, when the earth’s population was around 900 million. Paul Ehrlich thought the world was overpopulated in 1968, when he wrote “The Population Bomb” and there were 3 billion of us. (Ehrlich predicted worldwide starvation in the 1970s.) Now we’re at 7.5 billion. Are you hungry yet? How does the fact that fertility rates have declined by almost 50% in the past half-century, fit into the overpopulation scenario? (It doesn’t, so it’s ignored.) Liberals don’t like human reproduction. They believe children enslave women and pollute the planet. Hence overpopulation is a clear and present danger.

• Man-made climate change is settled science – which is why they get hysterical when it’s challenged. They’ll tell you that the overwhelming majority of scientists agree that fossil fuels are changing the earth’s climate. How do they know? Did they take a survey? When something is settled science, its proponents don’t get agitated over dissent. How dare you challenge gravity. You gravity-denier!

• Calling illegal immigrants “undocumented workers” somehow changes the nature of illegal immigration – There is one inescapable reality: With illegal immigration, you don’t know what you’re getting. How many are career criminals? How many are drug dealers, sex offenders, gang members? How many will go on welfare or suck up other social services?

• Hillary won the 2016 election – If you count all of the illegal votes cast, she had a 3-million vote edge in the popular vote. But that’s not how we choose presidents. Trump won the electoral college handily, 304 to 227. Hillary’s majority in the popular vote came entirely from California, which she carried by over 4 million votes. Should La-la land determine the outcome of presidential elections?

• Donald Trump is a White Supremacist – Why? Because (take your pick): He’s opposed to illegal immigrants (who are mostly non-white). He wasn’t quick enough to condemn white nationalists in Charlottesville. He backs the police over the mob. He’s white and refuses to apologize for it. He’s opposed to racial-identity politics. At the same time, liberals believe that Barack Obama – who viewed everything through the lens of race – brought us together, so much so that race relations were worse when he started then when he finished.

Liberals live in their own hermetically sealed alternate universe. That’s why, increasingly, their modus operandi is to suppress speech –to label their opponents fascists while behaving like fascists themselves. In most cases, their proof consists of: That’s-the-way-it-is-because-we-say-so.

Don Feder

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