Humanism: Life Without God

The battle for the control of our nation, the battle against the evils that would destroy our society, can only be won if we identify the enemy and understand the tactics they employ.

The American Humanist Association (AHA) launched a new initiative aimed at our kids,   designed for those  young people around the world who have “embraced science” and “rejected superstition” (religion).  Our children are told that  if A is true, B must be false. Some of the greatest scientists in history have been very strong believers and I doubt seriously they would agree that they have accepted “superstition.”

The children’s section of the AHA website introduces us to “Darwin” the dog who  “loves to enjoy stories from a long, long time ago.”  But he “also knows that these are just stories, and that they aren’t real.”  Darwin is able to enjoy mythology (Bible) while differentiating between the real and the imaginary.  The  teen’s section contains  videos that coach young people on becoming atheists. They offer such enlightened subjects as a Planned Parenthood Teen to provide information about sexuality and abortion. There is also a section called offering “sex ed for the real world.”  The recommended reading list includes “Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal” where they can learn the truth about Jesus’s young life – a  tale of magic, demons and hot babes.  And not to be forgotten, there is a section for parents that offers tips for “helping our kids become humanists.”

Humanism has rooted itself our schools, brainwashing  our nation’s most precious resource. For centuries it has been recognized that the first few years of a child’s life are the most crucial in forming his basic standards, beliefs, and attitudes. Therefore, the homes of a society have largely determined what that society is and will become.  The ideal mind for him who would rebuild society is that of a small child.  It is not therefore  surprising that humanists, acting as social architects,  have concentrated on the field of education, and, the younger they can get their subjects, the better.

Humanism has dulled our national consciousness, infiltrated not only our schools, but the drive-by media, politics,  our homes and yes, even our churches.

The belief system of humanism has existed throughout history, but its recent invasion into the church through New Age beliefs has made it become a “clear and present danger.”   Convenient traditions and beliefs are being substituted over the Gospel.   The acceptance of homosexuality and abortion in some churches is a manifestation of how far New Age beliefs have encroached upon the church.

Humanism has infected not only our culture but our churches, like a flesh-eating disease.  The spirit of the church is being consumed by a philosophy that makes the happiness of man a priority and conveniently ignores the glory of God.  When social issues become the dominant theme in churches, instead of biblical truth, and the purposes of God are relegated to a secondary priority, it is certain that the disease has infected and contaminated the doctrinal system of those congregations,  destroying the first and greatest commandment to love God with all our hearts, minds and souls. .

Liberal tell us  that man must be made happy while he lives on this earth.  Some fundamentalist tell us  that man must be made happy in the afterlife.  Both have succumbed to the primary teaching of humanism – the happiness of man.  We are no longer being told that sin corrupts the soul.  We are no longer told that the grace of God can bring deliverance to hungry hearts.  Instead, we are being fed a steady stream of heresy, a steady stream of lies.

Christ did not walk away from the glorious splendor of heaven and submit to the humility of humanity solely to make us happy.  Christ did not drag his cross to Golgotha and allow the Romans to pierce his hands with spikes  only to make us happy.  Believing that to be true or preaching that is true is replacing God with man as the central purpose of our salvation.   Christ died for the sins of mankind because  it was the only way men might be saved and thus bring glory to God?  It wasn’t so much about saving us from hell or making us happy in heaven, it was all about bring glory to God.

Humanism teaches us to look for human solutions to our problems.  We are the most over-medicated society in history.  We run to counselors instead of running to Christ.  We read self-help books written by pop-psychologists instead of turning to the word of God.  If we would only turn to the right source we could find a cure to alcoholism, to drug addiction, to sex addiction and to dysfunctional families.  But all of this is frosting on the cake.

The true motive for submitting to Christ should not merely be “to make a name for ourselves” or for our own happiness, it should be because doing so is the only way an earthly soul can bring glory to a deserving God.

Humanist are not wrong in thinking that truth, liberty and equality are of infinite value but, they are wrong in thinking that man can achieve  them  without God.


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