Christianity vs Baal


Our country is experiencing Birth Pangs as never before and they are accelerating. We are under attack by an unseen force, yet the signs are there for all to see.

We are at a time in history where our ex-president likens himself to the Messiah, claiming to be a Christian, yet his Bible is Marx. The U.N. is saying “Retool World Economy” and we need “Planetary Boundaries” which equates to less freedom.

This evil has infiltrated our churches, schools, the white house, congress, the airwaves and yes, even our military.

So where are we now and where are we headed?

We are now, repeating the same mistakes which the Bible warned us against; the worship of Baal.

As people group together today (OWS (caution pictures & videos contain nudity), they have no idea what they are doing, nor the consequences that follows.

Baal, a false god is worshipped all through the bible and God warned us to turn away and not follow it.

Baal, the worship of idols of dark forces that revolved around excrement, is the god of war, economy, violence, sexual exploration,  infidelity, the atmosphere and nature; and is tolerant of vulgarity and filth.

As explained by Rabbi Daniel Lipkin, (GBTV) one cannot simply look at a photograph of a smiling couple and know the truth. One must see the video, the entire happenings. A man and woman pictured with huge smiles on their faces could mean they are married to each other and are still very much in love, Or, it could depict both are married but not to each other, having an illicit affair.

The meaning of Baal is: seductive power, dominator, owner, master, tyrant. In other words when you submit to Baal, he owns you.

When structures of society, the rules of civilization, are taken away, people always become savages. An illustration of this would be William Golding’s 1963 movie “Lord of the Flies”, the title taken from 2 Kings, Baalzebub – dominator of the flies.

Look again at Occupy Wall Street – excrement. Civilized people distant themselves from bodily waste.

In Deuteronomy, the soldiers were told do not relieve themselves in the open and then told to bury their excrement. What were the people at OWS doin;  they were urinating and leaving other bodily waste all over the grounds. They entered churches and smeared their fecal matter all over the altars, on police cars, on the American flag and on sidewalks. Absolute filth without remorse.

Although you do not see the OWS people bowing to idols, that does not mean that the worship of Baal is absent.  To the contrary, Baal is very much with them.

We have 2 opposing forces; the Bible; our book of rules which requires discipline; and Baal; the false god who says you can do anything that feels good.

Haven’t you noticed how low the morals of men have fallen since the days of Ozzie and Harriett, Leave it to Beaver, and I Love Lucy? The days of seeing a man and woman in separate beds, went to light nudity, then to full nudity having sexual relations for all to see. Even pornography that was once sealed in brown covers are now displayed in full view of minors, and have gone from nudity, to irrefutable vulgarity and bestiality.

Baal is what our government subscribes to and it has wrapped itself within the cloak of Secular Fundamentalism. It has no room for different intolerances, nor it’s doctrine, and is determined to obliterate Judeo-Christianity. So it is a battle between Good and Evil; God vs. Baal.

So why does our government feel so comfortable with Islamic Fundamentalism and hate Christianity so? Because the force of Baal is against civilization and is designed to wipe it out.

An example of how fast a decline can be is Woodstock 1969,  – billed as “An Aquarian Exposition: 3 Days of Peace and Music”. 500,000 people gathered in Woodstock NY, where marijuana, alcohol, rock & roll, open nudity and sex prevailed while children watched. Though no-one was killed, they too. left their body excrement all over the 600 acre dairy farm. (Caution pictures contain nudity.)

Fast-forward 4 months and another festival was held in Northern California, “Altamont”, with 2-300,000 in attendance. With this festival came methamphetamine, heroin, LSD, alcohol, violence and murder.

The belief with Baal is that we came from dirt or we evolved, we will return to dirt and there’s nothing after death. In between life and death we do whatever comes natural and feels good, but must sacrifice for the good of the earth to save the planet.

In Judeo-Christianity we know we came from our Father in Heaven, will reunite with him for eternity, and in between life and death, we strive to serve God, and do our best to follow his blueprint to be good servants.

Baal is the power, which has reduced American civilization from a nation that was founded on the bible and biblical principals, to the filth we are becoming.

Today our children view nudity, pornography, and violence; listens to music with lyrics that call for the killing of parents, vulgarity is acceptable, are taught by our school system it’s okay to be homosexual, sexual experimentalism is good for them, abortion is the answer to an unwanted pregnancy, and the list of filth seems unending. Yet they are also taught they have to sacrifice for the good of the earth, that all animals have a right to life, what they themselves cannot take care of the government will provide, and what the government can’t provide, a group of governments can (the UN).

Our government has seen to it that Christianity has been removed from every public institution. Why do you suppose that is? Because Baal teaches hopelessness, and people without hope are slaves of their own government.

Judeo-Christianity is the only antidote to Baal. Which will you choose?







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