A Spiritual Battle

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What’s Going on in Our Culture? Ridiculous To The Core

Without a doubt, we need to keep squawking.
Without a doubt, we need to vote to protect life and Christianity in general.
Without a doubt we should get vocal about baby-slashers such as Planned Parenthoods.
Without a doubt we should push for a prosecution of Crooked Hillary.

We should be looking to have CNN, NBC and MSNBC have their stations turned into parking lots or burger joints.

We should speak out in support of morally good elected officials and pursue to discredit the lies of the Liberal mind.

But…but even these things are not enough. They are essential, but not enough.

It should become painfully obvious that the Church is the target. Not just in the Middle East, or in North America, Northern Africa or the whole of Western Europe….I’m talking everywhere.

Being of Canuckle descent, I have witnessed Isis move into Canada with frightening ferocity.

Eastern Canadian Prime Minister (as he sure isn’t the representative of Western Canada) Justin Trudeau has opened the floodgates of illegal immigration into the “True North, Strong and….kinda free (but not really).” And that has meant dog-pilling on Christians and Christian contributions to Canadian society in an attempt to make our Muslim immigrants feel comfortable.

Let’s look at the ludicrously ridiculous things that we in North Am suffer from lately…


1. Islam: The Religion of Pieces

Its either you believe in your “supposed holy books” or not.

If you believe in the Koran, that it’s good for today, then you will enact its desires upon the community around you. If you do not, you are what Christians would quote “lukewarm in your faith.” To see bombers, knifings and vehicular homicide acted out in the name of allah, is nothing more than seeing normal Islam take place. When you see Isis members stomping babies to death, crucifying children and setting fire to “Infidels”, that is the correct version of Islam taught in the Koran.

Nonetheless, when it is acted out, the world goes into Islam Protection Mode. Nothing could be stupider or more confusing, than New York City mayor, Bill De Blasio, standing behind a podium in NYC, with a placard on the front of it reading, “I am a Muslim too.” This just after another terrorist vehicular slaughter.

Of course, this isn’t an isolated incident. All sorts of buffoons have taken to the streets in defence of the teachings of the pedophile prophet.

Judging by the way the world mishandles history and just happens to leave out crucial facts on The Crusades or other past events, could you imagine if just one or two killings were carried out in the name of Jesus Christ? Would Bill De Blasio be standing behind a “I am a Christian too!” sign in NYC? Heck no; there’d be a manhunt for everyone, heck for anyone even able to spell Jesus properly.
Pure ridiculousness.


2. The LGBTQ Agenda

Science has championed homosexuality, with no evidence of a Gay Gene whatsoever. The reports are always “We are close!” I took it upon myself to casually interview a biologist previously from Queen’s University, and enquirer about an “off the books” two-year study he conducted (in order to put the question to rest inside himself) on if there actually was a Gay Gene.

After two years (of what he reports as) honest study, he concluded that there was absolutely no evidence whatsoever for a Gay Gene. Like nothing.

Worse yet, much of the scientific community has shelved Empirical Science, deciding that Social Engineering is a factual, biologically testable thing that can be attributed to biological properties. In other words, transgenders may change their gender at will, especially now with the approval of secular science. This has allowed confused, male individuals to share the same bathrooms as our daughters.

What if half way through their defecation they decide to be male again (blood boiling at a significant rate now…grrrrr!!)??

This has opened the floodgates to all sorts of weirdness. People becoming cats, dogs and even dragons, and I believe this is just the start of such kind of madness.

I think I will be a chihuahua today.

Pure ridiculousness.


3. Hillary Clinton

Can anyone honestly look at Hillary Clinton and say, “Yes, she’d make a great American president.”

Maybe she’d make a great wife for Robert Mugabe, but hell no, she’d not make a great leader in any sense of the word in a democratic country (if that is still what we are).

Not only is she some sort of upper crust gangster, but she really doesn’t bring anything to the table, as far as talents, to help lead the Americans out of eight years of Obamacide.

Truth is, they keep busting her for atrocities, but she continuously slips through their fingers each an every time. It seems she must have “favour schemed” way before the elections. She must have then called in every favour plus selling her soul (along with IOUs for Bill and Chelsea’s) to keep out from behind bars. I mean, the list of wrongs and illegalities she is accused of us just too darn long to write down here. If even half of it is true, she should be sharing toilet seats with Charles Manson.

Paul Ryan, (who keeps us guessing to whether he is actually a Republican or not) himself said:

“What I don’t really understand is after he lists this laundry list of violations, he comes to that conclusion,”. (Referring to Comey letting Hilary free of so many illegalities).

But when guys like Fox’s Jesse Watters and some lesser known ‘Youtuber’ conservatives took to the streets to ask the public what they thought of ol’ Crooked Hillary, there was an overwhelming voice of approval (even though when asked “Why?” the support…they didn’t know).

Pure ridiculousness.


4. Crooked Left Media (aka Mainstream Media aka MSM)

Number three rolls neatly into number four here. Jane Q Public liked Hillary because they were told to like Hillary. By who? The left wing media and the ‘Oxycodone-bangin’ Hollywood communities.

DJT’s bid for presidency blew this whole thing open: the abuse of mainstream media and its lies.

Folks we are talking fake news stories, clipping sound bites, and falsifying evidence. Amazingly, the public gulps it down like French chocolate pudding.

Over and over and over, from fake stories in Palestine, to purposely misquoting DJT on the Mexican criminals knocking off Americans inside US borders (making him racist, according to my dentist!), we’ve seen and heard it all.

We know that when you throw on the Cartoon Network, or Survivor or Game of Porn…sorry…Game of Thrones, we know these are purposely scripted; fictitious. What we don’t expect is the supposedly only source of facts on public television (like the News is supposed to be; facts right?) to be putting a favourable spin on everything immoral.

Pure ridiculousness.


5. Social Justice losers

I love watching conservatives asking protesters as to why they are protesting. The look in their eyes tells it all, far before they regurgitate non-factual fluff to the reporter. Without a doubt, you will hear words like “wrong”, “racist”, “bigot”, “Palestine” (it’s even funnier when they ask them to point to Palestine on a map). And the truth is, they haven’t a clue of the proper definitions of those words, or how they are to be used.

I blame Universities and their sordid hiring practices. Where do these ‘profs’ come from? University hiring practices remind me of when I was a teen, working in the orchards. After the harvest was done, we then were paid to glean the rotten fruit (Windfall Fruit) out of the grass, for the “unnamed company” to make juice out of. Many big-name universities seem to be gathering what we should call, the “Windfall Apples” of professors.

Let’s pick the most irritating anti-white, anti-heterosexual, anti-male, communist-slash-socialist-slash-anti-family, anti-life-in-the-womb and anti-every other major building block to healthy society; let’s hire someone like them and have them teach our children and teens. You know, let them indoctrinate our future politicians and leaders. Let’s encourage people to join such outstanding movements such as ANTIFA or BLM.

Maybe we should start holding Universities responsible for the monsters they are creating?

Pure ridiculousness.


6. The Lives of the Unborn

Killing baby leatherback turtles would not only carry a jail term, but would set the liberals to temporarily forget about their goal of disarming the populace, and send them to Gander Mountain to drain their AR-15 stocks. Their goal would be, to kill the human who killed the turtle.

But, kill a baby, whose only barrier to us is about two inches thick of abdomen skin, and you will be applauded as being a champion of women’s rights (even though the baby aborted was a girl. Uuuh?).

Yes, it’s that dumb. Gavin McInnes (formerly a contributor on Rebel Media) admitted that even though he is a staunch pro-lifer, his friends are not. (Now this is the shocking thing) He then went on to say that his friends knew that abortion was killing babies, but said that “This is just the way the world is today,” killing babies.

It’s not even an argument really. It’s just legalized murder.

Even weirder? Yes! If a woman is pregnant and someone kills her unborn baby, the offender is liable for murder. So, in reality, it’s simply a similar case to transgenderism, except the mother can decide today if the baby is a human, or just a “blob of cells” tomorrow.

Messed up and pure ridiculousness.

I could go on.

Things have become ridiculous on a nuclear scale.

And there are people who do a great job in attempting to bring reason to people believing such fallacies, like we just touched on. But for the most part, people will not listen.

Many refuse to even broach the subjects, as they have become comfortable ignoring the wrongs and certainly do not want to have their consciences pricked into facing the injustices in THEIR society.

So, they don’t give it a second thought. Conscienceless. Which to me, screams of one thing:


This is a spiritual battle.

What else could account for what is going on?

It seems like a mass hypnotism has taken place, and real deductive thinking does not exist.

Not long ago, multiverse-believing, wheelchair-bound, theoretical scientist Stephen Hawking spoke to a gathering at Google’s Zeitgeist Conference in Hertfordshire England and proclaimed that “Philosophy is dead!” Well it seems a really twisted wing of Philosophy took offense to that. It was like a steroid injection to a mongoloid relativity that had already swept most of Western culture.

What followed is what I would term the New Grand Delusion of “reality is what you think it is”.

Absolute truth went out the window. In fact, truth became a matter of fashion. It is fashionable to believe “A” even though “A” is utter nonsense.

Add to this the encouragement to “feel” our way around our existences, and you now have someone who passionately defends absolute “horse crap”.

How did this come to be? How could someone even begin to believe truth is attached to fashion or popularity? How could someone put such emotion into such silliness, such illogical beliefs?

It reminds me of the crowds that ignored the good that Jesus did, and found it in themselves to scream out “Crucify Him!” with the verbal contract that responsibility for the spilling of Jesus Christ’s very blood would be on them and their children!

It all starts with a lie.

The “father of lies” is his name. In him is nothing but lies. He takes the truth and twists it. He takes scripture and uses it to lie. He incites crowds to attack individuals. He makes lies look like truth, and truth he makes a lie.

And as the children of this World unknowingly swear allegiance to him, Satan, by continually and deliberately repeating sin, they fall more and more under his control; day by day.

Now they are so deluded, and chained, they cannot use reason, godly or secular. The ways of their father is so engrained in them, that all they do, unknowingly, is obey.

Marionettes, meat-puppets, whatever you want to call them, they stand hypnotized, led around by their flesh. There is no such thing as “reason” with such. Arguments just don’t work anymore, the World’s grip is too strong on these people.

All of this article has been written to come to this point:

Our only hope to see things in our society change, is to get on our knees and lay waste to the “princes of the power of the air.”

Yes, we speak out; we vote in a way that favors as godly-a-country as is possible. But all this is just fodder compared to the hope found in doing battle in the ‘heavenlies’ through the mighty name of Jesus Christ, in prayer.

Don’t be discouraged when you run up against people in this delusion. Don’t be mad at them, but pray for them, as their understanding is darkened. Without the Holy Spirit opening their eyes to the truth (which comes through prayer and the preaching of The Gospel) you are preaching to stones, and they will continue along in the dark of postmodern thought.

JG Smoothy

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