Empower People and They Will Prosper

povertyAccording to a YouGov poll, one-third of millennials view socialism in a favorable light. That’s should come as no surprise since the majority spent twelve years in government indoctrination facilities and at least four more being taught by left-wing professors who instilled in them, not an education, but the simplistic idea that they’re special, and truth is but an illusion. These dumbed down youth have no concept of what socialism or communism does to a society.

Socialism has always appealed to the ruling elite because it gives them the ability to amass even greater wealth and power while tossing out a few crumbs to the peons in the form of fictional “rights” and “entitlements,” until the peasants begin to actually believe they are entitled to life without effort. Then it is just a matter of waiting until the battle cry of gimme, gimme, becomes the norm. Socialism is, after all, the Marxist transition from capitalism to communism.

Socialism squashes incentives and innovations while rewarding failure.  Redistribution of wealth is not justice, it’s theft.   Wealth is not the culprit. There should be no negative associations with the word wealth in the context of people having it. Poverty and social dysfunction cannot be “fixed” by taking from the haves to give to the have-nots.   Redistribution of a static supply of resources accomplishes nothing and in the end makes everyone poor. To improve the situation, the have-nots must become the do-somethings. Empower people to be free and productive and they will prosper.

Socialism is not to be satirically “dreaded,” it is to be summarily avoided at all opportunities. Not only is it economic insanity, Socialism entails nationalization, the state management of the means of production and resources.  People are reliant on the whims of leaders and technocrats to determine a fair compensation for their labor. Because the state sets prices arbitrarily, rationing inevitably follows. Black markets become a necessity. Socialism is an economic system that requires a shadow economy to operate. It is at every level inefficient and global history more than proves this by now. It strips people of the liberty to buy, sell, work and live how they see fit.  Anyone who promotes socialism as a way to empower the masses should be shamed out of the public sphere. 

Capitalism is not the enemy; at least not for a free people who have prospered because of it.  Capitalism has done more to save and enrich lives in Western civilization than we can possibly enumerate. Perhaps that’s the problem. Most Americans don’t know any other way of life. They don’t understand how miserable, sick, and poor we’d be without the creative power of a free market.  In the real world you can’t measure success by the number of people dependent upon government.

Socialism is the BIG LIE.   It promises prosperity, equality and security but, in truth, delivers only poverty, misery and tyranny.   Peter Hauer wrote in The Big Picture: The Past, The Present and Your Children’s Future that Socialism fails because it is not economically sustainable. It is not economically sustainable because it destroys wealth. It destroys wealth because it requires massive government spending and government spending destroys wealth.

Capitalism is the golden goose and socialism is the knife that kills it.

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