The Sheep Have Grown Horns

Rifleman American people

There is an inspiring scene from the 1960s television western, The Rifleman, with Chuck Connors, that mirrors what has occurred in America over the past 18 months. In the episode, a large, loud-mouthed gunslinger comes to the town of North Fork with three other gunmen seeking vengeance for having been run out of town years earlier. Chuck Connors, as Lucas McCain, stands alone to defend the town against the four outlaws in the street, as the townsmen cower in fear.

At the last moment before the shoot-out ensues, three of North Fork’s leading businessmen walk timidly out into the street, uncharacteristically wearing gun belts, silently move to stand alongside Lucas confronting the killers. The bloated bully savors a moment, mocking the pathetic spectacle of McCain standing in a line with his three nervous novices. He then declares with a condescending laugh, “It looks like the sheep have grown horns!”

For too many years, hard-working and law-abiding American men and women of all races and backgrounds have been relentlessly victimized and abused by wasteful and foolish practices of federal and state politicians. These harmless people have kept their peace as liberals wasted their tax dollars, mocked their values, forced illegal aliens and Muslim refugees into their neighborhoods and endangered their lives. And then, President Trump won the Republican presidential nomination.

Since the summer of 2016, the roar of support for Donald Trump and his political agenda has continued to grow. It shows no sign of weakening. Many people who had given up on the political process are returning to stand and fight for their nation as they align themselves with their champion.

President Trump’s policies have reversed America’s long-term economic decline, changed the course of unemployment and impeded the illegal alien invasion. His judicial appointments have righted the Supreme Court and are beginning to correct the illegitimate political activism of federal court judges.

Right now, the entire hoax of Russian election interference is crumbling in full view of the public. The political hacks who abused their positions at the F.B.I. and Department of Justice are finding themselves under investigation. Dishonest news media anchors and correspondents are being thoroughly discredited as viewers abandon them in droves.

America’s best ally in the Middle East, Israel, is being honored, respected and aided. Great strides have been made toward defeating ISIS in Iraq and Syria, and the belligerent nations of Iran and North Korea are becoming less actively aggressive. Certainly, there is much more work to be done, but our nation is now experiencing renewal and restoration. America is changing for the better.

While President Trump has occasionally provided his opponents with valid reasons for some to criticize him, those who need grace should be equally willing to offer it for the sake of the incredible progress his administration has made thus far.

With every passing day, President Trump demonstrates genuine leadership–that unique human quality that compels people to follow him. As we learn more about the malicious imbedded forces opposing President Trump, it’s important to recognize that most of his enemies are actually fighting against everything that made America great from its inception.

New York’s Democrat Governor, Andrew Cuomo, wants to provide in-state tuition for illegal aliens brought to the United States under the unconstitutional DACA program. He has promised to compel New York taxpayers to provide legal counsel to help illegal aliens remain in the country.

With the new year, California Democrat Governor, Jerry Brown signed a bill making California a sanctuary state in defiance of federal immigration law. His Attorney General, Xavier Becerra, has announced that his office will prosecute citizens and corporations who cooperate with federal immigration agents. In Democrat states, lawlessness is being tolerated on an apocalyptic scale. But these bizarre actions may be merely the last shrieking death rattles of the disastrous liberal worldview.

For Christians, patriots and law-abiding citizens in America this great political awakening is a wonderful thing to behold. Racial divisions are being healed despite the worst efforts of America’s domestic enemies. People are working together to rebuild their lives and their nation. Nothing less than the hand of Almighty God can be responsible for the ongoing exposure of numerous false narratives and baseless accusations, and the corresponding resurrection of law and justice.

Millions of us saw the continuation of godless Democrat rule as the certain end of this great country. All that America needed to return from the edge of destruction was for a Mighty God to raise up a genuine American who could validate the best values of decent people and encourage them to reclaim their land. President Trump is that leader.

Timothy Buchanan

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