Democrats Running Convict Bradley Manning for the Senate


Bradley Manning engaged in espionage and was supposed to spend decades in prison. But President Obama commuted his sentence. The Democrats are now running Manning as a candidate for the U.S. Senate. This is one of the latest instances which shows how much contempt they have for the law and how they regularly undermine the nation.

Manning was in the U.S. Army when he stole and illegally released U.S. intelligence. The government convicted him of violating the Espionage Act and found him guilty of other crimes as well. A military judge sentenced him to 35 years in prison.

But Democratic President Barack Obama commuted that sentence. The government released Manning from incarceration and put him back on active duty in the Army.

And now Manning wants to be a Democratic lawmaker.

Others have noted there are problems with Manning running for office while he is an active duty soldier. But as is with everything else, neither the Democrats nor the Republicans care about this legal issue. Thus, our leaders have not objected to the Democrats running a sexual deviant and espionage convict for one of the highest elected offices in the land.

Democrats openly support the invasion, occupation, and conquering of the U.S. with illegal aliens and so-called refugees. They attack the history and foundations of America. They demonize Christians and promote abusing children with “transgenderism.” And, of course, they undermine national security.

Indeed, they are so corrupt that you can visit People’s World—“the flagship publication of Communist Party USA,” as Dr. Paul Kengor notes—and see that there is no difference between what mainstream Democrats believe and want, and what communists believe and want.

Remember this as they continue to accuse their enemies of being guilty of the very things they are guilty of. Call them out on it and start asking questions.

Ask how the Democrats can be considered a legitimate political party when they believe an espionage convict would make a good senator. And ask why the government isn’t launching counterintelligence and criminal investigations into Democrats. If it can launch such investigations into others based on conspiracy theories, it can surely launch such investigations based on hard evidence.

 Paul Hair

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