Guns and Our Freedom

Former SCOTUS Justice John Paul Stephens

A retired Supreme Court Justice says we should repeal the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. He praises recent gun protestors, saying their ‘massive’ display should be respected. Why then does the Justice ignore massive displays for years by the Tea Party and Pro Life activists? Is he a bigot? Does he believe we have no right to self-defense?  Does he believe we do not face grave and growing threats from criminals, communists and Islamic supremacists? Does he have his head in a bucket?

Like so many others, this Justice believes the NRA is responsible for mass shootings. It is a ridiculous accusation. Let the facts speak. In the U.S. there are about 500 killings by rifle each year. Mass shooting events are very rare, and although tragic, they represent a tiny fraction of the overall picture. As former Gov. Mike Huckabee said recently, there are about 2,500 knife killings each year, so why do we focus on rifles? Why not focus on the 27,000 who use a handgun each year to commit suicide?

Gun violence is cause to ban guns and strike down the 2nd Amendment?  What kind of solution is that? Won’t bad guys still get guns? Won’t good guys be left defenseless?  If bad guys can’t get guns, won’t the bad guys use knives, or clubs, or bombs?

If saving lives is actually the objective of protesters, why do they oppose the only logical, effective solution, professional security on campus? The Israelis are expert. The Swiss are among the most heavily armed on earth.  They are trained and amply supplied.  They do not have mass shootings. Why do radicals oppose armed security on campus?  Radicals want guns banned and confiscated.  Like the Justice, they want the 2nd Amendment repealed?  Why do they want law-abiding people disarmed?  Simple. Defenseless people are much easier to dominate and control.

Confiscating guns is always one of the first measures employed by aspiring dictators, for obvious reasons.

One must connect the dots as they say. The Left has made no secret of its aims.  It believes the earth is over-populated by about 6 billion people.  The Left will do ANYTHING to reduce that population because it believes that must happen if the human race is to survive.  Therefore, ANYTHING the Left does to save humanity is morally correct.  Lying about global warming to install collectivism and destroy the West, morally correct, given the quest.  Genocide, likewise morally correct because Leftists believe they are saving the earth and the human race.  Taking over the world is morally correct because the cause is ultimately just, and you cannot conquer the U.S. when 80 million of people own guns.

Swept up in the tragedy of the moment, young people are understandably alarmed. However, the suggestion we stampede and disarm in the face of growing threats from all sides is to suggest national suicide merely to appease the god of political correctness and feed the globalist monster, precisely how the sinister Left hopes we’ll respond.  If we refuse to surrender, the Left is prepared for total war.  Please remember in recent years the Feds have purchased hundreds of thousands of AR type rifles and millions of rounds of ammunition.

So the only question becomes: do Westerners still have the courage and the will to survive?

Allan Erickson

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