Killing Truth

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The worst of the worst trends throughout history, and especially in the last 100 years, is the systematic subversion of truth. We’ve become obsessed with denying inconvenient truths, especially absolute truth. The cardinal, secular sin: believing there are absolute truths. Consequently, the most hated groups are Christians and Jews.

Take an average middle class Westerner, one with a college education, a person who appears mentally and emotionally balanced, and ask him if taking the life of an innocent person is absolutely wrong. He will likely answer, yes, taking such a life is murder, and that is wrong, an absolute truth. But modify the question. Ask him if it is wrong to take the life of a human being in the womb, and watch the gymnastics. Suddenly, taking that innocent human life is conditional. What was an absolute truth—murder is wrong—becomes a negotiable truth, one driven by personal preferences, extra marital sexual activity, abortion as birth control, reproductive rights, ‘healthcare’ for women, considerations about rape and incest, as if the child bears the guilt for another’s crime, the child’s humanity is denied, and on and on. “It depends” becomes the motto. Murder can be rationalized.  Raise the subjects of assisted suicide and euthanasia and similar gymnastics rev up. The academy is expert in brainwashing.

We think we can redefine murder, and avoid absolute truth, by the sheer exertion of human will, denying absolute truth. We actually believe we can subvert the truth.  The truth is:  truth is not subject to human approval. It stands on its own. We think we can modify truth to suit us by redefining it, but what we are really doing is destroying conscience, and to do that is to commit moral suicide.

The alternative ‘reality’ pressed up against the world of truths and absolute truths is the world of absolute moral relativism, the religion of the subjective individual. Instead of Ten Commandments, relativists live by Two Commandments: if it feels good do it, and, do it so long as it doesn’t hurt anyone.  Of course, if you think about it, it is quite easy to obey the first (our natural disposition), but impossible to obey the second, simply because obeying the first always hurts others. It’s a trap! The mouse that nibbles the cheese gets the big squeeze! It is impossible to indulge your flesh and avoid hurting others because such self-indulgence always involves exploitation, manipulation and often, domination.

Self-indulgence and selfishness are the essence of sin. The Two Relativist Commandments show you the way to lead a sinful life: indulge yourself, exploit others. The reality of sin is a truth that once served as the centerpiece of western morality, a truth helping to sustain conscience.  Sin is a killer, a killer driven by the subversion of truth, a disease based on deception, an evil so powerful it cannot be overcome in our own strength. We need help. We can’t even detect truth or error without help, which is why the Helper was sent.

To kill truth is to kill ourselves. To allow subversion of truth is to surrender to lies, the coward’s way out. Lies, all from the pit of hell, are issued by hell to ensnare us in hell, forever.

The Master says: “You shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free. I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  No one comes to the Father but by Me.”

Without Truth, we are slaves to sin: there is no freedom, there is no heaven, and there is no hope. Praise God for his love in Christ that sets us free from lies, sin, death and hell!

Allan Erickson

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