Women’s Group Lobbies for Sex Work


There are some issues that decent people should all agree on — like ending child slavery or sex trafficking. Unfortunately, the Women’s March (a loose collection of extremists that now act as an organization) doesn’t share those same standards. Instead, they’d rather lobby for one of the biggest concerns of the gender they claim to represent.

A few days before President Trump signed into law one of the most popular bills of his presidency, leaders at the Women’s March decided to show the world just how insincere they are about the issues facing women. To the news that one of the largest advertisers of sex slaves had been forced out of business, organizers of the march stunned the world, tweeting, “The shutting down of #Backpage is an absolute crisis for sex workers who rely on the site to safely get in touch with clients,” the March claimed. “Sex workers rights are women’s rights,” they argued, using a charming hashtag, #SexWorkIsWork, as emphasis.

For these self-described “feminists,” it was a betrayal of everything real women should stand for. An appalled Susan Wright wrote for RedState:

Women used to march for things of intellectual, real world value, like the right to vote. Now, you’ve got garbage pail kids like Linda Sarsour and her ilk raising a stink over the right of women to be treated as if all they have to offer the world is their genitals. Great work in moving us back centuries, everybody… Protecting exploitation sites like Backpage has nothing to do with women’s rights. It has everything to do with devaluing women, endangering children, and protecting those who victimize both.

Just three days ago, President Trump signed the bill into law that would help put other websites like Backpage out of business. And instead of applauding him for what many people have called Trump’s most “pro-woman policy” yet, these feminist imposters cry out for more abuse. “The organization that claims to fight oppression had nothing to say about the minors who are kidnapped and sold into sex slavery,” Angela Morabito wrote for the Washington Examiner. “The issue was right there in front of them, and they decided to skip it. If the Women’s March is really concerned about the welfare of sex workers, they would push for legalization of prostitution and punishment for traffickers. Instead, the organization suddenly cares about consensual prostitutes when it can spin them as victims of Trump.”

I am scratching my head! When did prostitution empower and protect women? Once again, people have been deceived — either by the culture or their own blindness — into becoming the most vocal defenders of something so harmful to them. The abortion issue is much the same. The world has convinced women to embrace the very thing that victimizes them. Let’s pray that more of them encounter Christ and find the real freedom they’ve been searching for.

Tony Perkins

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