America Amidst the Seismic Shift

Christians Democrats-VS-Republicans

I don’t know if you are aware of it or not but America is in the midst of the greatest landslide in history. The seismic shift I am referring to has nothing to do with election totals or opinion polls, but rather a culmination of events that will forever alter the lay of the land. It is time to buckle up.

So much of our lives are programmed by others. It is subtle, but a quick glance over your shoulder will confirm what you are about to read. People are finally beginning to awaken from a self-induced slumber after generations of permitting others to make their life choices for them. Both the sheep and the goats have been imprisoned by their desire to be led.

From the school house to the church house Americans have forgotten how to think for themselves. Hitler is reported to have said “tell a lie long enough and loud enough and it will eventually become the Truth.”

For over twenty years I have been awake to the lie that there are two political parties operating in Washington. Their entire plan has been to convince you that there are two sides to every issue and one of the parties is on your side and the other side is the enemy.

Two legs of the same bug is the way I described it back in 2008. It would be worth your time to read this prescient article.

The internet has saved us. The Alt Media has given us a fighting chance. The two-party system is gasping for breath. We have Donald Trump to thank for that. The Alt Media — the internet — has become THE mainstream media. The days of sitting around and swallowing Walter Cronkite’s bilge has come to a screeching halt. The corporate media still has not figured out what is going on.

Days before the election of 2016 I stopped by my older brother’s house and as usual he had MSNBC on in the background in his living room. As a dyed-in-the-wool union Democrat he had blindly pulled the lever for socialism his entire voting life.

“Who are you voting for Dan?” I half joked.

“Trump!” He growled his immediate response.

“What!? You never voted for a Republican in your life. What’s going on?”

“Trump ain’t no Republican. He’s an American. I’m sick of all them damn politicians.”

That was my first indication of the quaking that was about to erupt out of the core of the heartland.

Donald Trump is not a Republican. That is what most Americans are slowly figuring out.

What we are about to witness in the next few months will shake blue-pill Americans to their very core. The corruption in the American political system is so deep that the average uninformed American will not know what hit him/her.

The two party, divide and conquer government scheme is about to come to a crashing halt as those from both sides of the aisle are going to be exposed for the deep swamp creatures that they really are. The corrosive nature of power, money, and politics is about to implode as the faux conservative/liberal divide gets peeled open and exposed to the light.

My friends, there are not two sides to the Truth. After two decades of watching Fox News, America is finally awakening to the fact that there is no such thing as fair and balanced TRUTH. Personal opinion is the genesis of fake news. For too long we have been programmed to believe that something is true simply because we believe it. Opinion is not truth and truth is not an opinion. The Truth stands on its own two feet.

The wild card in this whole American mess is the once Truth-filled American church. The success or failure of our society rests not in the political process but will be directly proportional to the degree to which our pulpits strike the plumb line. Only Truth can ultimately prevail.

Jesus warned us that we will know others by the fruit their lives produce. It is time for our pulpits to once again train us to be fruit inspectors.

The darkness that is about to be brought into the light is going to shake America and Americans to their very core. I pray the sheer debauchery of our leaders will drive us to our knees.


Jesus came into my life in 1988. He changed everything about me. I know what a wretch I was and what a wretch I could be today if it were not for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. I know, even today, what evil I am capable of in the darkness of my fleshly heart.

Some of you know what I mean, some of you have no clue what I am referring to. That is the great divide: redeemed and not redeemed…not Republican and Democrat.

Imagine you are elected to Congress with a very weak moral compass. Imagine the frills and benefits that accompany that position. Imagine how hard it would be to keep your nose clean. Imagine how hard it would be if you were part of the protected class and that your debauchery would never be in danger of exposure. Imagine you had friends in high places in the Justice Department who would be willing to overlook your foibles. Imagine it didn’t matter what political party you were a part of because it was all one big club.

Imagine an outsider gets elected and an upsetting of the apple cart.

The apple cart is about to be rolled over and we will see the folly of the two-party system. Things are going to get messy. The Swamp will not go quietly. To paraphrase my brother, Donald Trump ain’t no saint. Will God’s team be ready to pick up the pieces?

It is time to buckle up.

Dave Daubenmire

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