Kinsey: Enslaved To The Urges of a Warped Mind


In 1930 the University of Indiana with the support of the State of Indiana, the ACLU and the Rockefeller Foundation, sponsored a sexual institute led by professor Alfred Kinsey, PhD, a bisexual pedophile, who did illegal sexual experiments on children and babies.

Alfred Kinsey, known to the left as the father of the sexual revolution, was in fact one seriously disgusting, disturbed dude – a sado-masochist, bent on forcing his perversions upon society.

Kinsey, who participated  in homosexual sado-masochism from the time he was a youth,  believed that human beings were naturally ‘pansexual,’ that is, they had no natural goal such as heterosexuality and when left to themselves in a kind of state of nature, would satisfy their sexual desires in whatever way happened to strike their fancy.  Homosexuality , pedophilia, beastiality,  or adultery wasn’t really a deviation from social rules – it was just natural.  Traditional morality was not only irrelevant but destructive. 

The Harvard educated Kinsey used pseudo-science with rigged databases and outright lies to support his work aimed at destroying the entire Judeo-Christian system of sexual and family values.   The sole purpose of his studies, funded by the Rockefeller foundation,  were to legitimize any and every kind of sexual activity, from adultery and homosexuality, to pedophilia  to beastiality.   He enlisted the help of his wife, his grandmother, his father and other family members, along with male prostitutes, convicted sex offenders, 1,400 pedophiles and animals of varying species to prove his distorted views.

In his book, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, pages 160, 161 Kinsey described 196 children under age 13 who “screamed, wept hysterically and fought their adult rapists,’ which in his perverted little mind meant they enjoyed the experience.    On page 180, Table 34, Kinsey list multiple ‘infant’ orgasms, using the abuse of babies as young as 2 months to justify his claim that children are sexual from birth. 

In his book, Sexual Behavior in the Human Female,  Kinsey enlisted the help of his wife,  Clara Bracken McMillian, to participate in sordid sexual encounters,  self-gratification and  sado-masochists acts, which he filmed.   He used both books to argue at length for the legitimization of pedophilia.  Like bestiality and homosexuality, Kinsey argued that pedophiles were normal.  The only problem with pedophilia was the ‘hysterical reactions’ of those who think it was unnatural.  “It is difficult to understand why a child, except for its cultural conditioning, should be disturbed at having its genitalia touched, or disturbed at seeing the genitalia of other persons, or disturbed at even more specific sexual contacts.”

So why should we care about this disgusting creature?   You should care because the sex education programs that are being fostered upon our children come from the personal philosophy of this man,  a man enslaved to the urges of a warped mind.

Kinsey’s followers founded the Sexuality Information and Education Council (SIECUS), who along with Planned Parenthood and Advocates for Youth is behind  the comprehensive sex education  pushed by the United Nations, the National Education Association, teachers unions, etc., the very same filth that is  taught in our schools today from ages 5 up.   It teaches children the facts of reproduction and non-reproductive sexual acts while eliminating moral standards as vestiges of religious influence, embracing Kinsey’s belief that moral standards result only from cultural condition, not from timeless guidelines.

SIECUS, a  pro-abortion organization intertwined with Planned Parenthood, fights abstinence sexual education as harmful, hateful, and bigoted while directing children to websites such as Advocates for Youth and Go Ask Alice which offer such topics as ‘Phone Sex: Getting Started,’  ‘Erotic Videos With Women In Mind,’ ‘Menage a Troit?,” and ‘S/M Role Playing.’

Thanks to Kinsey’s pseudo research, and the push from the left to sexualize our children and destroy traditional family values, comprehensive sex education leaves children without a  moral rudder.  Instead they are being taught that it’s abnormal to suppress any sexual desire because of outdated moral convictions or beliefs.  

In the early 60s there were only two major sexually transmitted diseases, syphilis and gonorrhea. Now,  in addition to HIV and AIDS, dozens of sexually transmitted infections exist, some of which cannot be cured.  The data also makes it clear that some populations, specifically homosexuals and young adults, are  significantly more affected than others.  Homosexuals account for 75% of all primary and secondary syphilis cases,  leading to an increased risk of acquiring and transmitting HIV.   

Young people between the ages of 15 and 19 account for more than half of all cases of both  chlamydia and gonorrhea which has become resistant to many antibiotics and without new drugs it could be placed on the incurable list along with and HIV, AIDS .

It is insane that the influence of a sado-masochist who masqueraded as a detached and objective scientist continues to shape perceptions and attitudes about sex, nearly fifty years after his death.   It is even more insane that parents have surrendered their children to the this culture. 

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