What Does The World Expect Trump To Do?

donald trump-July-2018

And does it really matter what outsiders say about Trump?

All throughout the annals of Democratic history, leaders were and are (minus modern day Canada, Sweden and Germany) elected based on how they will lead the country into prosperity, safety and a future by the people of a Country.

But the Politically Correct pseudo culture has another idea completely. They’re trying to make socialism the accepted political idea of the day even though the idea of “the good of the individual above the good of the group” is found in all their actions and protests. Polar opposite actions following angry words of allegiance to an antiquated unredeemable idea brought to us by godless Marxist men (and Bernie).

To such ‘disillusioned’ people, the word “leader” obviously has nothing to do with leading or for that matter protecting, but is a concocted idea that is unofficially misinterpreted as being meaning: “Leader: the popular kid in the crowd”.

No definition could be as perverted as the PC definition of “leader”. And just why is it a problem in the way they define “leader”? It’s a problem because to PCers this is not a private definition just to be used among themselves, but one in which they want to force (even violently) on everyone.

The pressure for a leader to be a “wimp“ by the PC crowd is almost crippling. The squeaky wheel gets the grease is definitely their game plan. Never have they exposed themselves as the hypocrites that they are like when under this president. Never has a president suffered such scrutiny for just breathing air, his wife for the wrong shoes, or his children for being true to their father.

Think of the madness we are witnessing and have witnessed in the recent past.

The last president (“Barry”), kissed the butts of every special interest group imaginable; every minority, anyone who wanted to feel special.

And he did so above the good of the whole American public. Christians didn’t make it into the group of Obama protected minorities for two reasons:

  1. Christians in the US are not a minority in a cultural sense. But if that is true then that means Christians should have a lot of say as to where America heads under Trump (and they do).
  2. Obama although proclaiming to be one (just keep in mind this man petitioned for people who were born one sex and insisted they were another), a church going Christian, acted like a complete antagonist towards anything Christian; anything Jesus. I believe the old adage “you can stand in line at Taco Bell, but that doesn’t make you a Casita burrito” is an appropriate response to Obama going to a Christian church. In all his actions he was an enemy of The Church and more likely, a moderate Muslim.

America now dons a president that has finally put the interests of his own country first. But if listening to the Left, and all the FAKE NEWS polluting the atmosphere, you’d think he’s the leader of a Nazi genocidal sex cult. He wants to make America Great Again. He wants Americans to buy American (and that means encouraging Americans to not buy foreign products, by whatever means necessary) and (so important here) he wants to protect the border.

Trump is also attempting to erase the incredible bias brought on by the Obama administration (in which race relations took a nose-dive into the toilet). He recognized Jerusalem as the rightful capital of Israel and restored a good relationship with Israel (important for so many reasons). He’s upholding his sworn duty under God, to put America first.

Now ,why is it important to put America first? It’s important because it means safety and more importantly sovereignty. If a nation is not sovereign, it cannot protect its people; it cannot protect refugees that come to America. When it cannot protect its inhabitants, it becomes a country to flee from, not flee to.

I’m reminded of the scenes on TV of mass mobs of Syrians (and those non-Syrians hiding within the group; even ISIS recruits) moving through Europe from country to country. It was like a scene from the old 1958 movie “The Blob”. Moving over unprotected border to unprotected border, till they made their way to Germany.

Now I’m sure there were some real refugees in the crowd, that nobody argues, and we (out of moral responsibility, not legal responsibility) should do our best to “treat our neighbours as we ourselves would be treated” (but keep in mind, that’s a Christian command, so if you are going to argue and demand that, you acquiesce the bible and there better be a stop put on the demand to remove God from society…you can’t just “cherry pick”). But unfortunately, as stats prove, there were a ton of those, not in dire need of help in the Blob, but were just hoping to get into an EU country that would support them and their twenty children through social assistance programs. I remember the pictures of “Blob” aftermaths. Vandalism, garbage everywhere and fear (as some threatened the locals of the neighborhoods they plowed through).

Then they settled in Germany and brought fear to the streets. All of a sudden , women were and are unsafe to go out at night in many German cities. They told Germans what they had to do for them, instead of Germany telling them what they must do as potential future Germans.

If the EU countries protected their borders, the blob would have been severely slowed or been stopped in its tracks.
We could go on….like forever about this.

Hey look, no one here is touting ‘The Trump’ as a Mother Theresa. I cannot attest to his spiritual condition, just like I cannot attest to any of my readers who say they are Christians. I know there’s a huge difference between cultural Christianity and ‘Jesus following-go to the guillotine relationship’ with God.

On a spiritual level, the two are eons apart. I can’t say if Donald Trump is a Jesus follower, a cultural Christian or even a man on his way to discovering the truth about Jesus.

I can’t say that after his run as president that he’ll not go on a sinful tangent and completely backslide to a place of decrepit living (anymore than I can say this about you, the reader). But what I can say is this, he is a protector of the United States of America , and whether for right moral reasons or future business aspirations, he is doing as he should do as the elected president of the US of A: he’s putting his people first.

What else would you expect a president to do?

JG Smoothy

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