Killer Side Effects of Trans Treatments: The Deadly Truth


We’ve all heard the lie that indulging someone’s gender confusion is the compassionate response. But according to a new study, it might also be a deadly one.

In a stunning research project — so large and credible that even the mainstream media can’t ignore it — doctors are finally exposing the dangers of transgenderism. And in a culture racing to redefine the sexes, not a moment too soon. Of course, we know how emotionally destructive the treatment can be from the testimonies of people who regret it. But pumping your body full of hormones is just as devastating physically, Kaiser Health warns.

In a study of 5,000 people who identify as transgender, men trying to become women were 80 to 90 percent more likely to have a stroke or heart attack. They also had a higher risk of blood clots from the estrogen. That’s an astounding level of risk for anyone, let alone these patients, who are choosing to create an imbalance in their system. “This is the largest study of the health of transgender individuals on hormone therapy ever done,” one of the authors, Dr. Darios Getahun, told NBC News. “Doctors and patients need to be aware of the possibility for increased health risks for transgender women.”

Until now, FRC’s Cathy Ruse points out, researchers assumed that the effect of estrogen treatments on transwomen (biological men) was the same as on real women (in menopause). But of course that requires suspending belief in reality and science — and pretending that men who wish they were women have male bodies that are no different than female bodies. How ironic, Cathy says, that “this study shows how much male-female biological differences really do matter — medical treatments that are beneficial to one sex can be detrimental to another.” The transgender agenda is putting these men at risk, and they deserve to know the truth about the harmful health risks that hormone “transitioning” poses for them.

More liberal doctors, like Richard Greene, are grateful to have the data, but say they’re worried others will use it to discourage their patients. Hormone therapy, he insisted (despite this clear research to the contrary), “is lifesaving for many transgender people.” Towing the typical LGBT line, he went on to say that people who are denied it struggle with depression or contemplate suicide. What he failed to mention is that the rates of depression and suicide are just as bad — or worse — for those who do go through with it.

Swedish study from 2011 showed just how misguided it is to think that giving these patients everything they ask for will do anything to help. On the contrary, people who identified as transgender had a suicide rate 19 times higher than the general population. Now, despite this new data, doctors like Greene are still pushing back, insisting that we put hurting men and women on a path to more suffering.

And what about the children? School districts like Fairfax County, Virginia have repeatedly voted against telling students about any adverse health effects from these hormone treatments in the pro-transgender lessons! How dare they push kids down this road without telling them anything about the dangers that lie in wait for them there? They’re willing to do anything — including treat children like lab rats — just to advance their ideology. (An ideology, by the way, that the American College of Pediatricians calls “child abuse.”)

The explosion of radical, gender-bending sex ed is so outrageous that even the Republican National Committee is getting involved. On Monday’s “Washington Watch,” Virginia Committee woman Cynthia Dunbar explained that parents across America are so upset that they’re taking a political stand. Just this past weekend, the RNC went so far as to pass a resolution demanding that local leaders give parents a say in their child’s curriculum. The language, Cynthia points out, was adopted unanimously — and it puts the onus on school districts “to reach out to the parents, give them information as to what the content is going to be, and then let them decide whether or not they want their children to be exposed to it.”

It’s easy to be reckless with other people’s children. But after this new study, parents will have another argument for telling schools to stop promoting transgenderism altogether.

Tony Perkins

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