Socialism and Mob Rule

Are You Ready for Democratic Socialism And Mob Rule?

Are you ready to vote for “Democratic Socialism” in November? Ready to surf the Blue Wave? Ready for open borders, and no more immigration law enforcement?

Portland, Oregon, is ready, big-time. Last month a “protest camp” set up by a mob calling itself “Occupy ICE” blockaded the offices of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, putting federal employees in fear of their lives. This went on for a month because the mayor of Portland ordered police not to intervene.

Now the employees have sent the mayor a “cease and desist” letter, saying they will sue the city if they can’t get police protection from the mob. They’re tired of getting harassed and threatened and don’t see why they have to put up with it. The 14th Amendment to the Constitution (isn’t that supposed to be the law of the land?) promises all American citizens equal protection of the laws. Even immigration law enforcement personnel.

A government that will not protect its own citizens or enforce its own laws has no reason for existing. Such a government in Portland, say the ICE employees, created “a zone of terror and lawlessness” around their building.


That’s Democrat America: mob rule. Please don’t tell me that you want to vote for that.

Meanwhile, in California, Democrats were all set to ban plastic straws, to the tune of a $1,000 fine or one year in prison, per straw—all based on “research” done by a 9-year-old child for a school project.

The little boy made some phone calls to straw manufacturers, and then reported that Americans use … are you ready for this? Half a billion plastic straws per day. Wow! That’s over 18 billion straws a year! And it’s really messing up the planet!

Naturally, the media all passed these figures on as gospel truth, never questioning them. And the city of Santa Barbara rolled up its sleeves and prepared to go on an anti-straw jihad. This is their idea of fun.

But when it came out that the whole thing was some little kid’s science project, and that the numbers were baloney, Democrats had to start backpedaling. As amusing as it would be for them to toss people into prison on the say-so of a 9-year-old, they weren’t quite ready to put the pedal to the metal.

The University of Georgia, like most colleges and universities these days, has given us another peek at what Democratic Socialism will look like if we ever go mad enough to accept it.

A dean of journalism (hold that thought!) has had to issue an abject public apology for a tweet he made about his lifelong friendship with a man who is now the state’s Republican candidate for governor.

And the Left piled on.

The dean had the temerity to speak of his boyhood friend as “a nice guy.” Didn’t he know the man, being a Republican, is a racist? Was he “blinded by his own privilege”? Dude, your “friend” “spews bigoted and dangerous rhetoric”!

Another lefty know-it-all chided the dean, “You’re a straight white man. Of course, he was nice and kind to you. Racists are generally nice to their own kind.”

Tweet after tweet of this stuff and the dean finally got down on his belly and crawled. “I’d like to apologize to anyone offended by my tweet,” he wrote, after deleting his, er, message of hate. “It was ill-timed and poorly written.” Rather a shameful saying by a dean of journalism. “I’ve read and learned so much from you all and will endeavor to be more thoughtful.”

What was he so afraid of?

Okay, in countries that really have something like Democratic Socialism, if you say the wrong thing, they break down your door in the middle of the night, grab your family (it’s okay to separate the families of enemies of The People), and ship you off to a gulag in Siberia. We don’t do that here—yet. But, man, if they gave a gold medal for groveling, this guy would’ve won it.

Can it be said, in light of the three examples given here, that American leftists are working to create a climate of fear? And do we want to live in such a climate? Gee, I think I just discovered the only kind of climate change that’s real.

If that’s what you want, the Dems are waiting for your vote.

Lee Duigon

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