Democrat (Socialist) Party Represents a Clear and Present Danger to America: Now is the Time to do Something About it

Anyone who follows the news, even follows it half-heartedly, can see the Democratic Party for what they are, a bunch of scum-bags out to preserve their power base and a willingness to destroy anyone who stands in their way – except of course those who are a part of it.  The Democrats are not the party of and for the common man and woman, the Dems ceased being for We the People long ago. 


Some would argue that the Democrats stand for many good things; here is the list of the good things the Democrats stand for:


Now lets look at the real list of what the Democrats stand for:

Character assassination, death threats, false charges, illegal use of U.S. government agencies, violence, media bias, and social media censoring of President Trump and his supporters

·         Abortion on demand

·         Sanctuary cities and states

·         Raising taxes again

·         Increasing regulations

·         Growing the federal (and state) government

·         Free healthcare

·         Gun confiscation

·         Political correctness

·         The fake – Climate Change

·         Homosexuality, lesbianism, transgender bathroom rights

·         The persecution of Christians

·         Interpretation of the Constitution as a “living document”

·         Completely open borders

·         The closing of America’s prisons

·         Allowing all illegals to remain – including those who commit crimes

·         Eradication of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

·         Selective erasure of American history

·         Teaching children (as young as 5-years-old) about homosexuality

·         Drag Queens reading stories to very young children in libraries

·         Schools used to indoctrinate Democratic values rather then teach legitimate courses

·         Teaching children to hate America, that America is bad

·         The complete removal of all teachings concerning Jesus, while encouraging the teaching of violent and destructive Islam

·         Support for Socialism/Communism

·         Support for the gradual erosion of American sovereignty in order to bring about a One World government

·         Support for the One World supporting United Nations

·         Anti-police

·         Anti-1st Amendment

·         Anti-free and open Internet (free speech, ideas etc.)

·         Weaponization of social media against all who oppose liberal/progressive/socialist values

·         Support for social media censoring and media bias against Christians and conservatives and/or anyone who opposes the Democratic Party narrative

·         Support for the rule-of-law insofar as it supports only the Democratic/Socialist/Progressives

·         Physical attacks, character assassination, threats of violence, death threats, smear campaigns, outright lying, paid false witnesses, paid mob protestors – all used to attack and destroy anyone who opposes them

·         Election tampering

·         The destruction of the American military

·         Collusion with mainstream media to lie to the American people

·         News blackouts on things the Democrats do not want America to know about

·         Deep government corruption to accomplish Democratic goals

·         Accruing wealth and power at the expense of American taxpayers


I think you get the idea, Democrats only stand for one thing, and one thing only: self-interest.  The Democrats and their faithful allies, the mainstream media, and most of Hollywood – are all together in this.

But I’m only one person, what can I do?

The “I’m only one person,” mantra has been carefully instilled in Americans for years, and it is a completely false notion.

CNN false and fake news – if people would simply stop watching this garbage, CNN would cease to exist.  No ad revenue, no more CNN.  This applies to ALL the corrupt mainstream media.

Corrupt censoring social media like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook etc., stop using them, or limit use.  Use other alternative social media like Gab, REAL video, Social Cross, or MeWe among others.

Much more importantly, VOTE.  The only reason corrupt, and vile politicians like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, and Maxine Waters among many others continue to be in office – is people keep voting them in!

The Democrats are destroying America


Earlier this year I wrote that, if you cannot see that the Democrats are destroying America – you need new glasses.  This truth is becoming more and more evident with each new news cycle.  Just look at the intense and cruel trashing of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  The Kavanaugh hearings have turned into a despicable circus instead of the hearings to ascertain the facts as they were intended to be.  Kavanaugh will interpret the law through the Constitution as written and intended by the founding Fathers of our country.  The Democrats can’t have that at any cost.


Look again at the list above, the Democrats lean so far to the left, they can’t see the forest for the trees anymore.  The rule of law does not apply to them, only to the rest of us (so they think).  They see only what they desire to see, the wealth, power, and prestige they can acquire for themselves – all while being bald faced liars and common thieves.  They have one objective, not cleaning up the Washington D.C. swamp, as this would destroy them and their lucrative incomes.


Far too many people are reeled in by the Democratic platform – free healthcare for all, free college, welfare, universal income, food stamps, etc. First off – WHO is going to PAY for all of this?  One bright young liberal told this author that we need to, “raise taxes.”  If half the U.S. is on the government dole, how is this going to work?  Who is going to pay these increased taxes?  I will leave you to draw your own conclusions.


Second, people do not seem to realize that – the more government benefits one collects, the more the government can and will track your every move, and control you and what you can or cannot do.  The more so-called benefits that the government can get you to sign up for – the more control the federal government can exert over you.  Government benefits are NOT free, nor are they without cost; your freedom is at stake!

I realize that the Republicans are NOT as pure as the driven snow, but they ARE a much better bet than the self-serving, corrupt, lawless, culture and country destroying Democrats.

Who is weaponizing the various government departments to destroy their political opponents?  The Democrats
Who is attempting to viciously destroy anyone they see as a threat?  The Democrats

Who is attempting to destroy a sitting U.S. president without a crime to investigate? (completely illegal BTW)  The Democrats

Who is attempting to support Iran against the policy of President Trump? A Democrat

Who is attempting to bitterly divide this country despite the country being in better shape then ever?  The Democrats


Write letters to your government representatives, sign petitions, write articles, comment on articles, VOTE these pieces of trash out of office.  GET OUT AND VOTE IN THE MIDTERM ELECTIONS!

I cannot stress this enough!  The traitorous Democrats cannot hold onto power if the American people show up en masse and vote them out of office!

This isn’t about Trump’s tweeting, it’s not about Trump’s off-color remarks, and it isn’t about Trump’s undiplomatic speech, or previous affairs.  If that is your reason for not supporting Trump – I will plainly say it, you are a fool.  This is NOT about YOU.  This is about doing what is best for OUR country.  Trump is working hard to turn this country around, verses the Democrats who are seeking to dismantle and destroy it through their idiotic policies.

It’s high time America stops making this about what America can do for ME, and make it about what WE can do for our country and people as a whole.

And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.

John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Address, January 20, 1961 (source)

Greg Holt

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  1. Joe America
    October 13, 2018 at 7:18 pm

    The anti-meritocracy manifesto – Rebranded communism
    The people behind this are currently attempting to destroy Linux, it appears they may be successful.

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    Global warming – this is operationally used as a political weapon. True were adding CO2 into the atmosphere and it will trap more heat. Is end of the world fearmongering going to solve this? The problem with the left is they will do nothing to solve any problem. Renewables will help but not solve this, nuclear is the only real answer that will work.

    Mike Shellenberger The Case for Nuclear Power
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