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Googles-Dragonfly.jpgAccording to The Intercept, Google after a huge outcry from their own employees as well as journalists, Amnesty International and others – has shelved the highly controversial search engine.

What is Dragonfly?  Dragonfly is a search engine Google is designing for use in China. That ought to set off major alarm bells all by itself.

While it is good news that Google has stopped its work on Dragonfly, this writer is here to tell you that Dragonfly is not necessarily gone for good merely because there was a public outcry.

Dragonfly is not a new product, in fact Google was working on this new search engine back in 2010 and before until employees raised concerns about the search engine and it was, you guessed it – shelved.  Then in the spring of 2017, Dragonfly makes its appearance once more.

Back in 2008, Google had purchased a popular Chinese website called and was engaged in heavy data mining.  “Dragonfly” was obviously a well thought out project with a lot of resources.    

This time around however, Google was operating on the sly:

It turns out Google’s employees had been unwittingly working on this project for a while until 2017 without knowing its intended purpose. (source)

Google was knowingly deceiving it’s own employees while they were working on Dragonfly – these employees did not know it was Dragonfly they were working on, nor did they realize the full scope of the project.

If the leadership of Google is willing to lie and deceive their own employees, then it only stands to reason that Google has no problems with deceiving the American people and even Congress – whom have been grilling Google execs of late. 

I will not here provide proof of Google altering search results as that is outside the scope of this article.  What I will say is that there can no longer be any doubt, for anyone with half a brain, that Google is deceiving people and altering search results to fit their own agenda.  All one need do is to perform a search on Google, then perform the exact same search on other search engines, and I guarantee one will see different search results, sometimes very different search results.

So we have established that Google will lie to and deceive their own employees, Google also has no qualms about manipulating search results to steer one in the direction Google deems best.  So what is there to stop Google from building a search engine in America – that is intended to:

·         Manipulate search results to conform to Google and/or governmental bias.

·         Use the same search engine as a vehicle for spying on and recording all information gleaned from users?

·         Using information gleaned through their search engine to control and even punish those who oppose the system.

·         What if said search engine was fully integrated into the vast system of cameras including traffic, intersection, bank, and security cameras?

·         Fully integrated into social media?

·         What if government and all law enforcement had access to all of this information?

Do you see the possibilities here?  The possibilities invite and practically guarantee abuse.  Does this seem a little far-fetched to you?  What is this crackpot conspiracy theorist smoking?

Lets review for a moment shall we?

Google will:

·         Lie to and deceive their own employees

·         Track you and use that information to sell stuff to you as well as use it for what else exactly?

·         Manipulate search results

·         Build a search engine for a communist government Hell-bent on oppressing and controlling their own people 

Google has been diligently working on a custom designed search engine for China (Dragonfly) that will allow China to suppress any and all things they deem unfit for the Chinese people to see.  What if anything does that tell you?
Here is what it tells me – Google is perfectly ok with helping to suppress an entire people (millions and millions of people) in the name of turning a profit.  The fact that China suppresses, censors, mistreats, lies to, jails, and even kills its own people does not matter to Google – as long as they stand to make a handsome profit.  Google will support the Chinese propaganda machine with their “Dragonfly” search engine.

How about when Chinese interests turn against America?  What then?  Does anyone seriously think this has not occurred to Google executives?

One last point – if Google is willing to help China oppress and control their people for the sake of money, do you seriously believe that Google will not do the same to the American people if they can turn a buck doing it?

This writer will say this – if there is to be an Orwellian 1984 society in America, and I believe it is already happening – Google will be at the forefront of those leading the way and cashing in on it.  You can take that to the bank.

Greg Holt


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