Climate Change: The Sky is Falling, the END is Coming and We Have “Mommy Issues”

al-gore-warming-preacher.jpgThe USA Today headline screams: “U.S. natural disasters are worsening and their impacts are intensifying due to climate change, a federal report finds

Lets analyze that statement.  First notice the headline states that natural disasters are worsening.  Natural disasters are just that, natural – not man made.  Next it is stated that these so-called natural disasters are worsening and the impacts thereof are intensifying due to climate change.

Now wait a minute here – climate change zealots claim that climate change is man made!  So, I ask you – how is it that something man made is affecting and making worse something that is natural in origin?  You see one cannot have it both ways.  The natural disasters that occur cannot both be natural and man made at the same time.  Did someone perchance happen to forget to relay the memo to the leftist climate change zealots?

There is ample evidence that climate change, or global warming according to its former name – is an unscientific hoax based on money.  The data used to compile the evidence for climate change was faked, studies were manipulated, data falsely reported.  Yet these climate changers cling to their foolish notions just like they cling to the idiotic notion of evolution.

You and I – we started out as amoeba and worked our way up to apes.  Then just by sheer coincidence, we luckily graduated to being human, whew! What a relief!  What a bunch of nonsense, the same as climate change is.

There has been for a long time now this over-inflated ridiculous concern about CO2 (carbon dioxide) prominently pushed by Al Gore.  Trees and plants breathe in CO2 and give us back oxygen.  This is not some deadly gas as the climate changers continue to lie about.  Most CO2 in fact is within the world’s oceans, and the Earth itself.  Humans contribute little.
Study after study on so-called climate change has been shown to be false, the data falsified or invented out of thin air.  Another example: “study admits that the 12 major university and government models that have been used to predict climate warming are faulty.”

There are plenty of examples that climate change is made up false science, but the MSM and governments continue to claim otherwise.  It is of course not politically expedient to claim otherwise. 
What this writer really finds laughable are the false claims of impending doom climate changers have told us of – that never came to fruition.  The same doomsday prophets are also the ones who used the climate change scenario to further their own political agenda – but we cannot say that can we?  Yet we have plenty of supporters for climate change like former president Obama, read on…

Former president Barack Obama in his latest comments continues to make a complete donkey (new spelling for, well you know) out of himself. 

Let’s take a look shall we?

“Climate change, we’re going to have to come up with some new technologies,” Obama said during the second Obama Foundation Summit. “We could reduce carbon emissions by 30 percent, and it’s not like we would all have to go back to caves and live off fire … The reason we don’t do it is because we are still confused, blind, shrouded with hate, anger, racism, [and] mommy issues.” (source)

What, I ask you, who are of sound mind and logical reasoning – what does hate, anger, racism, and “mommy issues” have to with climate change?  That statement is so far out there, so asinine, I’m not even sure how to equate that comment to modern day reality.

This writer is pretty sure that Obama and his cohorts are the ones that are “confused and blind.” 

While it is true that the MSM and most world governments claim that this erroneous falsehood known as climate change is the real deal – there is plenty of information out there that shows the falseness of these claims.  One does have to do some looking as Google manipulates the search results to show mostly articles that support this utter nonsense, but the evidence against global warming or climate change is out there.

One last point I would like to make.  If global warming is the real deal and we are all in serious danger, why then was the name changed to climate change?  Answer – global warming despite the left’s best efforts became synonymous with falsehood.  Al Gore’s idiotic global warming movie (An Inconvenient Truth) that portrayed all manner of falsehoods is a prime example.  Al Gore played the world and became rich doing so.

Greg Holt


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