Denying the Emergence of NWO even while it develops in our Faces

When Christ exclaimed that when the blind were leading the blind, both would fall into a ditch – he did not include the clear theological maxim contained in the profound insights given later in the teachings of the Apostle Paul.

Paul caught the ball running and said all who walk through this world without Christ are blinded by the god of this world (Satan).

This does not mean that they have an excuse for sin and the mess they have made of their world.

It will be happy for a favored few and a slippery slope for the rest.

2019 promises to be one of the most troubled years in our history and is a prelude to the fiery possibilities that 2020 will surely bring.

Europe is running toward its hope of a strong personality to lead it into the long awaited United States of Europe.

Germany’s Angela Merkel and France’s Emmanuel Macron have led their countries into a deep leftist quagmire where both nations have all but lost their cultural identities and the flood of immigration under these leaders make the US Border problems pale in comparison. As usual the US is too preoccupied with its own affairs to learn very much from these events. Under Brussels leadership the rest of the continent has little to look forward to but a long and protracted battle for national survival. One journalist says “Immigration: The leftist fallacy and subversion of America” – he is undoubtedly correct.

Germany’s Merkel has openly declared that President Trump has ruined the ‘New World Order’ which of course most people deny is even happening.

Recently Pope Francis told an Italian newspaper reporter from La Repubblica that “the United States of America has “a distorted vision of the world” and Americans must be ruled by a world government, as soon as possible, “for their own good.” Yet Closer to home our own Rand Paul says ‘New World Order’ is Terrified of Trump.

Yet when Christians believe in the prophetic promise of one world government emerging just before the return of Christ, they are promptly labeled as conspiracy theorists or worse. This is not simply hypocrisy it is the very definition of total blindness.

In the US the leftists, progressives and democrats continue with has been aptly termed, “Trump derangement syndrome.” The shameless displays against the president are like a pack of grunting baboons or yelping hyenas circling the prey. All reason, dignity or repose has been abandoned and the truth is, that to date, Mr. Trump has accomplished more in two years than Mr. Obama did in both his terms in office.

The Democratic party of this nation has fragmented and is now altogether the party of perversion, sodomy, abortion and self-indulgence. The LGBT has become a militant force against America and anyone who does not accept perversion. Those who hold power have little interest in the will of the American people but they legislate in the people’s name, which is in itself their greatest hypocrisy so far.

Abortion is so obviously murder, but to the blind it is some kind of ‘right.” It is now the leading cause of death in this, and all nations above, smoking, heart disease and cancer.

Morality has fallen like a stone and Americans are electing those who reflect the decline which accounts for the success of the progressives. It is what makes the perversion of the term so great, is regression really progress – think again, what we are calling progress is in fact, the fall of the republic.

If “immigration” is subversion then “immorality” must be destruction. That conclusion comes from the Bible, but how many Americans trust that book today?

Those who think they are intelligent are never illiterate; conversely the biblically illiterate are never intelligent. Real wisdom has always been more than an intelligence quotient. It goes back to the blind guiding the blind and it is a conclusion not well received by this generation.

While scoffing at the bible the secular world is following the formula explained in its pages for the appearance and, rise and seating of the world’s last dictator. His success will be total.

With false religions rising and prurient behaviors becoming normalized the upper levels of governments will easily put in place the man who comes to rule them for the last seven years of time as we now know it.

Because they are reprobate God allows them to fall. Scripture says the upper echelons of power have “one mind” (Rev 17: 13) and they are delighted to give him the power.

Views on second coming doctrine range from what some people see as hoopla, and others see as an ominous sort of bad thing. It is rarely seriously studied by preachers of the cotton candy gospel and generally fluffed off by those who think politics alone is where it’s at.

A lot of whacky second coming material can be found on YouTube, but it often raises more questions for the unlearned and those who are prone to conspiracy material.

A few online sites can be referred to without fear of slipping into the murky waters of doubtful disputation.

While I have placed my own site in the above list, it goes without saying that it only takes a good bit of healthy spiritual discernment and a sound foundation in biblical eschatology to predict world events for the next couple of years.

While I have placed my own site in the above list, it goes without saying that it only takes a good bit of healthy spiritual discernment and a sound foundation in biblical eschatology to predict world events for the next couple of years.

There is little doubt in most minds that the antichrist is alive today and will be revealed to the world in short notice. Could it be 2019 or 2020 – yes!

Christ has all but telegraphed this message to our generation, but as predicted, the ‘thinkers’ have chosen to ignore it. Isn’t it time to pull away from the crowd and see the tsunami coming across the horizon? To wit: “Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.” (Mt 24:44)

Michael Bresciani

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