AOC Once Again Demonstrates a Lack of Intelligence

This writer used to think one of the dumbest politicians ever to draw breath was Nancy no-mind Pelosi.  I have officially changed my mind.  The dumbest (there is a lot of competition out there) individual in all of Congress has got to be Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.  This is no joke, and I am not trying to be funny, AOC’s ideas are not only ignorant and stupid quite often, but they are also dangerous.

Recently, Lyle Rapacki brought us the news that AOC is in effect a created socialist plant, a “made woman” if you will, in the context that a certain group(s) of people were looking for the perfect candidate to front.

Well, my question is: Couldn’t these people have found someone out of the thousands of people that applied to be this new candidate; someone who possesses even a small amount of intelligence?

AOC is the N.Y. Congressional Rep. who majored in economics; she must have slept through class.

This same economics major thinks that Medicaid (state run socialized medicine) for all is a good idea, and that it is cheaper then our current medical system.  Ummm, that would be a solid no.

Recently AOC also said that Americans should be “excited” about “being automated out of work.”

Let’s not forget the sheer genius of AOC’s Green New Deal that among other things would give free money to those who don’t want to work.  After all, it is your responsibility as an American to carry those who simply don’t feel like working on your back, right?

Oh, and no more flying, no more cars, and no more steaks for dinner either.  Did I forget to mention that if the sun is not shining, and/or the wind is not blowing – no more power either?

The best part of this dealThe Green New Deal would ONLY cost about 93 Trillion dollars to implement

Now we get to the latest release in the AOC soap opera, I am stupid and proud of it.  Check out one of AOC’s latest tweets:

Cost of the GOP Tax Scam for the rich: ~$1.8-2.3 Trillion

Cost of forgiving all student loans in America: ~$1.5 Trillion

Clearly where there’s a will, there’s a way.

When people say that there isn’t “enough” to do these things, what they mean is they don’t *want* to do them.

In the first place the GOP tax cut is no scam, simply because you AOC are too ignorant to understand it, does not make it so.  Second and more importantly, a tax cut is NOT a cost.  A tax cut means less revenue coming in, but that is in no way a countable cost.  The implication here is of course that the money from the GOP tax cut could be taken and applied to paying off student loans.  The problem with this idea is that there isnot any actual money to use.

If taxes are cut, then people get to keep more of their own money, so there is no money to be repurposed.  AOC apparently does not grasp this concept.

Twitter users had some words for AOC too:

There were of course the usual morons who think AOC is right, the same ones who think socialism is a good idea, and that capitalism is evil and criminal.

You can’t fix stupid.

Socialism has not ever worked anywhere it has ever been tried – period.  Just because AOC, Bernie Sanders and others are convinced that they have a different methodology of socialism that will work, does not make it so.

What is really and truly scary is that this incredibly naïve, ignorant and even at times outright stupid (AOC) woman is one of the leaders in Washington, and not only that but AOC is a rising star in the Democrat Party.

America had better wake up and start taking the Politicrats actions seriously, and it had better happen soon – or America will find itself under the tyrannical iron-fisted rule of the Democrats, disguised as Democratic Socialism.  If the Politicrats are not reined in soon, it might not be possible to stop their socialist agenda at all.

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