Where are the Second Amendment’s Billionaires?

According to Forbes Magazine (2011), there are 397 BILLIONAIRES in America now. A billion dollars is ONE THOUSAND MILLION DOLLARS. Chew on that for just a moment. Few of us can even fathom the sum. Go here to see the list: http://www.forbes.com/forbes-400/  That list changed in 2018

Gun prohibitionist George Soros made #7. The Walton Family (Walmart) made #9, #10, and #11. Yes, Walmart sells rifles and ammo, but is also a major contributor to the lying cabal of authoritarian elitists knows as “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” (MAIG), an organization which is completely controlled by billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg of NYC. Bloomberg drops in at #12 on the American billionaire list.

We don’t know who else on the entire list of 397 American billionaires might be as grotesquely entrenched against an armed American citizenry as Soros or Bloomberg, but you can bet there’s plenty of “quiet money” fueling the “gun control” movement in this nation. For instance: Warren Buffet is pals with Obama. Where do you think Buffet’s sentiments lie?

On the other side, two notorious conservative billionaires jump right out at you from the list: the Koch Brothers. Charles and David Koch share the #4 slot. If these two fellows are supporting efforts to restore the Second Amendment, that’s great. I hope they are writing huge checks. If they, or any other honestly pro-American ultra rich, are not spending big on protecting our right to keep and bear arms, they should be ashamed.

Forbes 2018 list the Koch Brothers in 7th place.

One wonders if these billionaires (left or right leaning) really think that if America falls into tyranny some day, they will be left with their vast holdings in Aspen, or that mansion in Hollywood will really be a very safe place. One wonders if these people get the “big picture”, i.e. the kind of world their children, grand children, and great grand children will grow up in.

But do American billionaires understand something else? A key point is that wealth only truly has a rational, tangible context within personal freedom … both yours and the next guy’s. What many of these American ultra rich don’t seem to get is that their freedom is because they live in a mostly free country.

Some of them might think that they could do it Idi Amin style, simply ignoring the bone crushing poverty and corruption in the rest of the nation. In a list of the nearly four hundred American billionaires, there are probably a couple who are that morally depraved. But the vast majority of billionaires who earned their own money must be more far-sighted than the average bear.

Self made billionaires see trends. They sense the tides changing before they actually do. They seem to be able to smell financial smoke from upwind. Friends, these are not stupid people we are talking about here. You can call them anything in the dictionary, but not stupid. You cannot acquire a BILLION dollars by being stupid.

But you can be a billionaire and lack wisdom. Gaining wisdom includes a few reality checks from our nation’s billionaires. If this nation became a police state:

1. You will still be recognized. Your mug shots are in Forbes Magazine and on the internet.

2. You cannot hide. At any given time, a hundred people you employ know exactly where you are.

3. The government you may have been bribing and manipulating for decades just decides to take your money. Happens all the time.

4. Your bodyguards (or private army) might wonder why they settle for a pay check when they can just shoot you and take it all.

No, a wise American billionaire will realize that his or her wealth must live and grow in freedom based soil. That means defending the Bill of Rights. That means funding those people who, for years have proven they have their hearts and minds in the battle, in this case the battle to restore and then preserve the Second Amendment, the very Guardian of the Bill of Rights.

A recent Gallup poll found that FORTY PERCENT of Americans admitted to owning a gun. You know that at least ten percent actually own a gun and thought best to keep the fact private. HALF OF AMERICA owns guns. So, you ultra wealthy out there, give big, make a big deal about it, give to restore the Second Amendment. Because, if the balloon ever does go up, if you’ve stood with us, we’ll stand with you. In the final analysis it’s just enlightened self interest. I’m sure you know what that means.

Kirby Ferris

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