Hillary, Shaman and Jezebel

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Shaman- a person who enters an altered state of consciousness at will to acquire knowledge, power; having one or more “spirits” in his/her personal service…..witchdoctor.

Jean Houston is a New Age leader who believes the human mind can create solid matter by proper focusing; creating matter through thought. Although she doesn’t call herself a Shaman, this is the role she fills within the New Age community.

All New Agers are taught spiritual meditation; which means to empty one’s mind while chanting mantras repeatedly…..entering an altered state, the mind losing conscious association with the body. When this happens, the mind can be manipulated by “Spirit Beings” without the person’s knowledge. Next, the person sees one or more “Guiding Spirits” who supposedly identify themselves using first names more often than first and last. These “Guiding Spirits” explain they have been sent to help the person cope, and to fully develop their human potential.

God’s word calls these “Guiding Spirits”….demonic.

Houston visited the White House many times while Bill Clinton was president, where she aided Hillary in achieving an advanced state of “Altered Consciousness” so Hillary could contact Eleanor Roosevelt. ( Without it being directly told, it seems Hillary and Houston were holding séances.)

“Hillary walked the White House talking (channeling) Eleanor Roosevelt.” Bill Clinton

Channeling – The act or practice of serving as a medium through which a spirit guide purportedly communicates with living persons.

In Houston’s book “Life Force” she states that humanity’s evolution to planetary consciousness; a code word for developing a new consciousness; changing attitudes of people throughout the world so the New Age Christ can appear. In other words, the world will willingly accept the anti-Christ when he appears, calling himself the true Christ.

Hillary – a modern day Jezebel

Jezebel was married to Ahab. She stole a man’s vineyard for her husband by setting up the vineyard owner, Naboth, paid two false witnesses to accuse him, and Naboth was taken out and stoned to death. She also threatened to kill the prophet Elijah, and swore to wipe out the worship of God.

Jezebel was a Baal worshipper sacrificing children to the false god for gain, and worshipped the idol Ashtoreth, the goddess of fertility. Prostitutes danced and orgies were held in the temple.

She was so evil, God spoke of her doom saying, “The dogs will eat Jezebel in the district of Jezreel.” (1 Kings 21:23)   God actually blames Jezebel for causing Ahab to do “evil in the sight of the Lord.”

Hillary’s politics, the democrat platform, is anti-God. She is 100% for murdering the unborn (abortion). She’s full of pride, believing she is far above any other human on planet Earth. She has mastered the art of lying to the degree I’m almost certain there is no truth left  to be found in her.

As with Ahab, his marriage to Jezebel was a political convenience, and we have all heard rumors the same holds true of Hillary to Bill. Unlike Jezebel, Hillary has no known man made statues to bow before, but her false idols are Money, Power, and Control.

As the New World Order is gradually being implemented, a spiritual war is being waged for your soul……and it seems Satan has many working with him.


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