Can We Prevent a Second Civil War?

There are three issues that could presently trigger a Civil War in America:

  • Illegal aliens. A government that refuses to protect our borders, the methodical structure of citizenship, and the rule of law, will only be tolerated for so long. America is reaching a tipping point on this issue.
  • Abortion. Irreconcilable differences here. This may likely become as potent an issue as slavery was in the 1860s.
  • The right to keep and bear arms. See the film – “2A Today for The USA”

No other significant present day problems could potentially result in the “brother against brother” tragedy of a Second American Civil War.

Sooner or later, the massive invasion of America by illegal aliens will be confronted, if not by the rule of law then by either armed police officers and soldiers … or armed citizens. There are twenty million or more illegal aliens entrenched in this nation now. How many tens of millions more will it take to reach a tipping point? At what point will law enforcement agencies and/or the military begin to do the job they were sworn to do? At what point will citizens themselves be forced, by government inactivity, to confront this invasion by force of arms?

Will the liberal politicians actually allow this showdown? Is this actually the sort of crisis opportunism that Obama’s Rahm Immanuel, and other leftist cultural Marxists, relish?

As an American, and a gun owner, would you take to the street to confront this illegal alien invasion? Do you have a personal breaking point on this issue?

I won’t deal with abortion here, except to note that the anti-abortion forces have the same moral intensity and personal commitment that was demonstrated by the slavery abolitionists of the nineteenth century. We saw where that led in America.

However, there is a third possible cause of a Second American Civil War: infringement of the right to keep and bear arms.

This nation’s Second Amendment freedoms have too long been burdened with the lethargic, tunnel vision behavior of the gun owners known as “Elmer Fudds”, or, as Aaron Zelman used to call them “quackers”. This is the “good ole’ boy” type who simply doesn’t care about gun registrations, permits, regulations, or even confiscations, as long as he can keep his deer rifle or shotgun and exercise his “sportin’ rights”. This myopic fellow can be bought off for the price of a buck tag or duck license. Even Senator Chuck Schumer is a “Fudd”! “I ain’t gonna take your shotguns away, fellas!”

On the other side of the room from the Fudds is the “Cold Dead Fingers” crowd. A lot of tough talk over in that camp. A lot of arm chair patriotism and rhetorical heat. A lot of “let ‘em try to take my guns!” chest puffing. But somewhere at the core of this quite large group of gun owners is a determined minority that does really mean it.

I would assert that every single one of these very determined armed Americans has some idea, deep in his or her heart, as to what their personal “line in the sand” actually is. When it comes to this amorphous, mostly low profile, group, the hammer is cocked. These folks are getting to be known as the “”.What the cultural Marxists, elitists, and authoritarians who advocate “gun control” don’t seem to be able to grasp is the strange fact that a significant minority of human beings are willing to fight ferociously to preserve their freedoms. This irascible minority has yet to be awakened to action. But they’re sleeping with one eye open.

The attacks on the Second Amendment have, since 1934, been so gradual and incremental that the victim disarmament forces have prevailed to an amazing degree. They hear the loud complaints of gun owners, then make strategic “compromises” with other compromisers, and then, sure as day, there’s another gun regulation, permit process, limitation, restriction, tax burden, or license needed for each of us to exercise an unalienable right that, according to the American Bill of Rights, “shall not be infringed”.

Makes me think of the laughs I got as a kid when, in the Bugs Bunny cartoons, Elmer Fudd’s head turned into a big “SUCKER” when Bugs had tricked him once again. What also comes to mind is Charlie Brown and Lucy with her football, the football, that, to my knowledge, Charlie Brown was never able to kick. Only, unlike the comics, few of us are smiling about this. This could become deadly serious. Because the sneaking vermin cannot be allowed to win.

What must be obvious to any truly concerned American gun owner is that we absolutely must take EVERY action afforded us to prevent a Second American Civil War. This means that gun owners must become far more personally involved. Gun owners have to really grow fangs and learn to “snarl” in a societal and political sense. Wake up! You are the “gun lobby” these insidious liars and manipulators complain about! Remind them of that in every lawful way that you can.

Do you want to remain completely anonymous, but still help? A postal money order sent to GOA, SAF or JPFO works just fine, thanks.

We have to learn how to warn these gun prohibitionists off with unrelenting determination. When we gain a political victory or legal victory like the Heller or McDonald cases, we must be willing to dig into our own pockets and financially support those who truly won those victories, so that they may drive forward and win another, and another, with relentless momentum.

Political activism doesn’t need to cost much at all, especially in this day and age of email and unlimited phone calling plans. If you can’t afford to donate money to a Second Amendment organization, write the letters, send the emails, and make the phone calls in support of our gun rights. Talk to your gun owner friends and neighbors. Don’t let them remain Fudds or Quackers!

Or, when you hear “They ain’t gonna get my guns!”, ask that person how he or she is going to stop them. Don’t let this kind of chest puffing go unquestioned. Ask the arm chair warrior what he or she is doing now, today, to PREVENT that horror. If the question makes them uncomfortable it should! It won’t be Chuck Norris, Sly Stallone or Arnold coming through with minor flesh wounds, friends. A Second American Civil War will not be played out on a Hollywood set. You won’t be able to get up and leave the theater.

We need to prevent that war before it happens. How can we best do so? By preserving our right to keep and bear arms.

Contribute to JPFO today and help us to protect that right. So called “gun control” must be completely destroyed. We must restore the pre-1934 state of affairs to America. Join JPFO today.

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