Living in Denial

It’s often said that we in America just have to look at history to understand the fate that may be in store for us.   Except that we are unreliable witnesses.  We see but we don’t see.  As in Europe, we suffer from a bad case of denial.

As Andrew Brown of the Guardian put it, Sweden looms large in the “fantasies of the outside world.” It is, by turns, a socialist utopia, a sexually liberated Busch Gardens, or a Mad Max hell-scape, depending on your agenda.

Sweden has been taking large numbers of refugees and immigrants for decades.  The employment rate for native Swedes is about 82% but it is only 58% for immigrants, and even lower for non-Western immigrants.  Joblessness and alienation have sparked riots and other antisocial behavior. At outdoor festivals such as “We Are Stockholm,” women have been groped. Public swimming pools have become venues for gangs of young immigrant men to harass women, rival gangs battle in the streets setting cars on fire and hurling Molotov cocktails at police stations.  Malmö has been losing its small Jewish population, and the Simon Wiesenthal Center issued a travel warning due to threats and attacks on Jews from Muslim immigrants. 

Both major political parties in Sweden have minimized and even whitewashed the problems.  The result has been the rise of the Sweden Democrats, a party whose bland name conceals a Nazi past; a party who earned only 3% support in 2010 but is polling around 18% today. 

In Germany during the first six months of 2016, migrants committed 142,000 crimes. But since the data only includes crimes that have been solved, the actual number of migrant crimes is likely far higher.  In many parts of the country, police say they are unable to maintain law and order. More than 20,000 purses are snatched each year in Hamburg, and gangs of migrant youth have taken control of parts of the Jungfernsteig, a prestigious boulevard. The situation is much the same in Bremen, Berlin, Duisburg, Dusseldorf, and Stuttgart. All over Germany, migrant gangs and roving bands of migrant youth operate with near impunity.

Meanwhile, France has suffered through a string of massacres: first, at the office of Charlie Hebdo and at the Hyper Cacher market, then at the Bataclan Theater, and most recently along the Boulevard des Anglais in Nice. A recent survey by the Red Cross reveals that more than 50% of French citizens live in constant fear of another jihad attack.

Europe is in a life and death struggle, the significance of which rivals the fall of the Roman Empire.  What we are witnessing is the gradual but inexorable substitution of one civilization for another aided by delusion and denial.

In Europe it’s not only the leaders but the average citizen who is expected to go along with the delusion.  And those unable to lie to themselves and others face arrest, prosecution, fines and possible jail time.  In the Netherlands, individuals who post Facebook comments critical of Islam or immigration can expect a visit from the police.  In Germany, citizens who express “xenophobic” views on social media risk having their children taken away. The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) has ordered the British Press not to report when terrorists are Muslims.

We are making the same mistakes that have led Europe to its present crisis. Instead of charting our own course, we are treading in Europe’s footprints. And few seem to notice that the footprints are leading up to the edge of the abyss.

According to Dr. Mordechai Kedar, Department of Arabic Culture at the Barllan University, the Muslims that have settled in Europe have a clear objective – staying loyal to their religious tradition while strengthening their status.  They make demands in order to make the host country an even more welcoming one for future Muslim immigrants.  They see to the availability of Halal foods sans alcohol and pork;  demand courts acting in accordance with Sharia law; advocate for the silencing of Christians; demand that education eliminate any mention of the Holocaust and genocide of Jews; push for the establishment of a banking system according to Islam law; and demand the right of women to wear the niqab covering their faces in the public sphere, etc. 

To anyone whose keeps his eyes open, it is abundantly clear that those Muslim migrants who do not integrate into the European host country’s society intend to turn that state into an Islamic entity. They do not have to fire a single bullet to accomplish this – and it is perfectly fine with them if the process takes decades, because the Koran states that “Allah is with those who are patient,”   so the Islamic world is quite capable of waiting patiently until its goals are achieved.

Source:  In Denial about Islam by William Kilpatrick, Turning Point; Muslim refugees and the cost of Sweden’s kindness, CBS; Islam, Immigration, and the Death of Sweden, Culture Watch

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