Who Predicted 9/11

” The Lone Gunmen ” ( The Lone Gunmen ) was a television series that was born as a “daughter” of “The X -Files” , based mainly on government conspiracies . The first episode ( the pilot ) shows the protagonists of the series ( the hackers who were secondary characters in ” The X Files ” ) discovered a plot by the U.S. government to crash an airliner into one of the Twin Towers, and then blame a foreign country with the purpose of obtaining an excuse to declare war and make a profit by selling weapons.

One would say “what ‘s odd ?  Not the first time comes a ‘ fiction ‘ from the real thing ” … This time however we realize that the episode premiered on March 4, 2001 … 6 MONTHS BEFORE THE SEPTEMBER 11 ATTACKS IN THE WORLD TRADE CENTER (The program originally aired from March 4, 2001 , to June 1, 2001 , on Fox. The show was canceled after thirteen episodes.)

 No pass as unnoticed as (considering what it is) is so amazing being . Could be a coincidence that exact one in a million ? They aim to hit it just happened ! Today, on 9/11 2001 everyone knows that the ( self ? ) attack was used as an excuse to invade Iraq and kill thousands of innocent civilians in the Middle East … and probably have heard rumors that it was the U.S. government who demolished the towers ( many who were there swear they heard explosions as if they were bombs in the buildings , with theories based on the way they fell or that the fire had never caused the collapse … things that I want to get much since I am not chemical or architect ) …

But it is perhaps not wise is about the existence of The Carlyle Group , a company that invests in defense companies has military weaponry … which had the Bushes (father and son ) in important positions , and had to Bin Laden ( Osama ‘s family ) among its investors. It turns out that this company is tremendously benefit the 9/11 , reaching in one day obtain a profit of $ 237 million . Even in this hit series ! What a ” coincidence ” !

Another curiosity is that , even though the series had good ratings and public acceptance , was mysteriously canceled by nothing more than a season.

What are the odds? Sometimes they just smear it in your face.




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